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Addie Liang


How/Why did you choose Art Center?
I was first introduced to Art Center by my brother, Ed≠mund, who just graduated last spring. It always amazed me to see the labs filled with people so passionately committed to their work. It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of a design obsessed environment populated by so many individuals from multiple disci≠plinesóall under one roof.

What was your background prior to Art Center?
I discovered my love for filmmaking after a two year trek into interior design and linguistics. I was hooked after the first film class at Pasadena City College.

In what ways has Art Center helped you grow as an artist/designer?
Itís only my second term, but thereís no doubt that Iíve matured from when I first started. Iíve become more honest with my work as well as with the work of others. I love group critiques because they allow me to discuss my strengths and weaknesses. They allow me to acquire new knowledge, which enables me to improve my work through different perspectives.

How has Art Center changed your worldview and/or creative sensibility?
After taking courses on analyzing, critiquing, and creating images and films, itís hard for me to view things simply now. Instinctively, I would over-analyze all the design principles weíve learned in those classes. Because of this, I can no longer view a film or an image the same way again.

What are your most reliable and/or unlikely sources of inspiration?
I draw a lot of my inspiration from usual things such as books, music, films, photographs, dreams, traveling and people watching. But my favorite inspirations come from visiting open houses. I imagine the lives of the people who were living there or would soon live there and create stories about them. Those ideas usually come to me while Iím showering. Perhaps itís the water or steam that is stimulating something in me, but I find itís the best place for me to think.

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