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Mikey Tnasuttimonkol

Graduate Media Design

4th Term

Why did you choose to attend Art Center?
I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in advertising photography from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, N.Y. I chose to further my education at Art Center because of the Media Design Program. It allows me to explore the interests I had in traditional graphic design, as well as seeing what other forms of design are available with a new set of learned skills. The program is designed in a way that allows me to bring what knowledge I had from my photo background, and combine it with design, rather than just totally abandoning what I have learned in the past.

What has been your favorite Art Center experience?
Learning new things that I wasnít originally exposed to, and finding that I thoroughly enjoy them. Also, being able to work closely alongside some of my professors.

In what ways has Art Center helped you grow as an artist and designer?
I think just the ability to expand my base of knowledge is exciting. Now, instead of just being able to create competent photographic imagery, Iím able to bring a whole new skill set to the tableóone that is still relevant to work that I have done before Art Center.

What do you hope to do after graduation?
Iím not quite sure yet. I have a lot of new material to learn, so what I say today will most likely be different from what I say on the day of graduation. But for now, ideally it would be amazing to start a small boutique design firm with some of my classmates.

Have you found any faculty members particularly inspirational or thought provoking?
Honestly, I have to give it up for all the professors Iíve had at Art Center. Theyíre all great and have taught me so much. I can honestly go through every single teacher and come up with a strong list what Iíve learned from each class.

Whatís the most challenging aspect of studying art and design in general?
The thing that Iíve struggled with the most here has been the act of juggling five major projects at the same time. Itís tough, but somehow it always seems to work out.

When you are not in school or studying, what do you like to do around L.A. or Pasadena?
I enjoy getting to the beach when there are wavesóI do that year-round. In the winter, thereís snowboarding. You can hike year-round. The biking community in Los Angeles is great as well. And there are the parties and art show openings. Concerts. Taco stands and hotdogs wrapped in bacon from street vendors. There is a lot to explore in LA., you just have to dig around a little.
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