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Art Center Legacy Circle

"Some of the best and brightest Art Center students struggle to find the financial resources to benefit from all that Art Center has to offer.  Legacy Circle is an opportunity for Art Center alums to come together and help a new generation get the same great education we did.  I am honored to have this chance to contribute."
– Richard Holbrook, TRAN ‘81  

"At Art Center we were taught to be self-reliant, but in reality the strength we have is our network. I urge others to help our students by becoming part of this network through Legacy-sponsored events for Alumni." 
– Ophelia Chong, FAPT ‘89

What is Legacy Circle?

As a graduate of Art Center, you understand the life-changing impact an Art Center education can have. Yet meeting the cost of an art and design education can be a challenge even for the most resourceful students.

Legacy Circle, the College’s alumni-led volunteer group, provides financial support so that exceptional young artists and designers can attend Art Center regardless of their financial circumstances. Since 2006, members have contributed more than $1 million and pledged $3 million in planned gifts.

100 percent of your gift—every penny—goes directly to students in the form of scholarships.

That’s a powerful investment in the next generation of great designers and artists.

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