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Alumni Relations

Dedicated to building lifelong relationships between alumni and the College, Art Center's Office of Alumni Relations offers a variety of resources and services designed to foster engaged and committed alumni, who in turn contribute to the College in myriad ways.  


Online Alumni Database Access
Art Center alumni have access to the Alumni inCircle Network for the purposes of networking and connecting with old friends.

Alumni receive the College publication magazine (Dot), which provides general information about campus and educational developments, the alumni publication (OuterCircle), and Alumni News Online, the monthly alumni e-newsletter

Art Center at Night Discount
Art Center graduates are entitled to a 50% discount* on classes offered through the Art Center At Night program. To qualify, Alumni must graduate in good standing by filing all applicable administrative documents and support material.

Alumni who attended, but did not graduate, having earned a minimum of 45 units of institutional credit in a degree program within three consecutive terms qualify for a 25% discount*. Alumni not graduated must have left in good standing and remained absent from any enrollment in the degree program the subsequent three consecutive terms and has since formally withdrawn/terminated enrollment with the College in good standing. For more information or to register for a class visit Art Center At Night.
* Discount does not apply to any lab fees or late fees. These must be paid in full at the time of registration.

Regional Alumni Events
Alumni receive exclusive invitations to a variety of regional alumni events around the world. For the most current event information see the event calendar. Most events are provided free of charge and offer a great networking and social opportunity as well as educational content. For examples of past alumni events visit the archive of calendar events. Upcoming events are also listed in the monthly email newsletter, Alumni News Online. To initiate grassroots art center alumni gatherings in your area, read more about alumni chapters.

Art Center Events
Alumni are invited to attend a variety of events on campus including the Toyota Lecture Series, The Business Dialogue Series, and more. For the most current listing of events on campus visit Art Center's campus events calendar.

Career Development
The Office of Career Development at Art Center College of Design offers services to graduates on-campus including counseling on career strategies by appointment and the opportunity to attend the Business Diaologue Series. Alumni who have completed six or more terms at Art Center can access the dotJOBS program which lists full-time, part-time and freelance jobs. To subscribe to the free email delivery service, send your full name and graduation date to careers@artcenter.edu. To post a job opportunity fill out the required fields of the + job bulletin form.

Alumni Library Card
Art Center alumni can visit and use the library resources on site during library hours without an alumni library card. Local Art Center alumni (with proof of local residence such as a driver's license or utility bill) have access to borrowing privileges for up to six items from the Art Center Library book and periodical collections free of charge by obtaining an alumni library card. Alumni borrowing privileges are suspended until the borrower has returned late items and paid the corresponding fines. For additional information or to request an alumni library card read the Library Card Use Policy.

Does your business wish to offer a discount to Art Center alumni? Please let us know by sending an email to alumni@artcenter.edu with "benefit offer" in the subject heading and we will be happy to include this information in future benefit communications. To offer a benefit via the Benefits for Artists program visit www.benefitsforartists.com

Get Involved

There are countless ways Art Center alumni can get involved:

  • Nominating your fellow alumni for annual Art Center Alumni Awards
  • Providing direct feedback about programming and messages
  • Sharing news about their accomplishments
  • Notifying us of exhibitions of their work in the area
  • Assisting in the design and execution of regional networking events
  • Serving as panelists for regional programs
  • Speaking with alumni and students interested in relocating

Learn more: alumni@artcenter.edu

Provide professional assistance to alumni and students:

  • Hiring students and alumni
  • Providing Internships to students
  • Conducting Portfolio Reviews
  • Speaking on campus
  • Serving as mentors to students

Learn more: careers@artcenter.edu

Help Art Center in its cultivation of corporate relationships by:

  • Securing sponsorships for educational partnerships
  • Securing corporate funds
  • Providing corporate connections

Learn more: cathy.karry@artcenter.edu

Give their time to help Art Center with its recruitment effort by:

  • Hosting Admissions Events
  • Speaking at Admissions Events
  • Speaking at College Fairs

Learn more: admissions@artcenter.edu

Invest in Art Center's mission by:

  • Funding Student Scholarships
  • Giving to Educational and Faculty Excellence
  • Supporting Campus Development

Get involved: becca.keating@artcenter.edu

Alumni Ambassadors
There are approximately 18,000 Art Center alumni spread out around the globe. (We know where more than 12,000 of you are the rest of you need to update your contact information!) What this means is, that as an Art Center graduate, you have a vibrant global alumni network that you can tap no matter where your travels may take you. To make this network more visible and to enable you to connect with fellow alumni, we launched Art Center's Alumni Ambassador program. Through the program you can easily connect with fellow alumni in a given region through our online alumni community. If you are relocating, traveling, or working abroad and looking for general regional advice, the ambassadors are available to give you advice via email. Click here for a map of Alumni Ambassadors.

Who is an Art Center Alumni Ambassador?
Ambassadors respond to email inquiries from alumni that are related to the region where they reside. This is a great role if you do not have the time or energy to start up an Art Center alumni chapter, but still want to be involved and connected to the network. We would like to add alumni ambassadors in many more cities and countries around the world, so if you are willing to serve in your area, please send an email to ambassadors@artcenter.edu with the subject line "New Ambassador." The most current ambassador's list is available here.

How do I contact an Art Center Alumni Ambassador?
To contact any alumni ambassador, email ambassadors@artcenter.edu with the city name in the subject heading.

Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate ambassador, who will respond directly to your inquiry. Inquiries can include a variety of questions, such as, "We're traveling to Berlin, what is the best area to stay in to get a sense of the art scene?" "Who are the biggest employers of designers in Madrid?" or "Can you put me in touch with a freelance photographer in Philadelphia?" Inappropriate questions such as, "I'm going to be in Stockholm in two weeks, can I stay at your house?" will not be forwarded, although we may recommend a better way to phrase the question, such as, "Can you recommend a cheap hostel in Stockholm?" Please restrict your inquiries to questions that cannot be generally answered by a Google search.

Feel free to send any inquiries to ambassadors@artcenter.edu that require the advice, perspective, or recommendation of Art Center alumni who are also regional insiders.

Alumni Chapters
An alumni chapter is a region (defined as state/city/country, depending on the region) where a sizeable group of alumni live and work and have the desire to network. Most chapters correspondingly have alumni volunteers in place to facilitate this activity. In more populated urban centers, the alumni relations staff works with volunteers to sustain, support, and sponsor regular activities. In less populated regions, such as in Seoul, Korea and Taipei, Taiwan, alumni volunteers have been instrumental in developing their own programs with and networking opportunities (with communication support from alumni relations) and sending news of their activities back to Art Center. Typically chapter regions contain a minimum of 40 alumni, with greater activity taking place in regions with 500 or more alumni and the largest amount of activity in those areas with 1000 alumni (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York).

Chapter Chairs
The chapter chair is a volunteer who serves as the primary contact between regional alumni and Alumni Relations staff. The chair coordinates with Alumni Relations staff and other volunteers to develop activities to benefit alumni in the region and serves to relay information, direction, and feedback to alumni relations.

Current Chapter Chairs

  • Los Angeles: Ophelia Chong FINE 89
  • San Francisco: John Deyto PHOT 96
  • San Diego: June Rubin ILLU 84
  • New York: Jared Hendler FASH 89 & Jeff Silva GRPH 02
  • Seattle: Alphonse De Klerk PHOT 84
  • Portland: Arild Dietrichson PROD 99
  • Cologne, Germany: Stefan Pannebecker PROD 92 & Andreas Wilhelm PROD 92
  • Taipei, Taiwan: Felicia Lee GRPH 99 & Jenny Wang GRPH 99
  • Seoul, South Korea: Jahee Lee ILLU 97
  • Shanghai, China: Dave Dieter GRPH 97

Chapter Volunteers
The chapter chair and Alumni Relations staff may enlist additional chapter volunteers depending on regional need and involvement opportunities. These volunteers work with the chapter chair based on their availability to: provide feedback and direction for regional programming, design event postcards, take photos at regional events, host events, encourage alumni attendance at events, serve as contacts for students and recent graduates, develop event sponsorship, and inform alumni relations about events and alumni news of local interest.

How do I start a Chapter?
Contact alumni relations for a chapter or networking/communication plan that is customized to your region. An area is designated as a formal chapter when there is a sufficient amount of interested alumni in the region and when committed volunteers are in place to help sustain chapter activity. If you live in an area where there are very few alumni, you may just want to connect with each other informally. We can create a communication plan or provide you with contact information to help assist with this connection.

I'm traveling/relocating, who can I contact?
Contact alumni relations to be put in touch with alumni in your area.


View Art Center's alumni magazine DOT.


Find out more about Art Center's alumni in our Alumni Profiles.


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What is Art Center Alumni Online?
Art Center Alumni Online is the official alumni website including your free access to the online alumni directory, alumni notes, event calendars, and more. It's a place where all alumni can connect with the 18,000 strong Art Center alumni network.

What is the Art Center inCircle Network?
The Art Center inCircle Network is your secure web access to the alumni database, made possible by web application software with the most updated web security available. The alumni database, which contains approximately 16,000 records, is managed in house by the Alumni Relations Office. Information contained in the database is only as accurate as the last time you updated your profile information and so contains accurate information, partially accurate information, and inaccurate information. All information updated through the online directory is downloaded into the alumni database. Updates made to the database in person or on the phone are simultaneously made to the online directory once processed. Alumni contact information updated via other Art Center departments (Financial Aid, Registrar's Office, Human Resources, etc.) is not automatically made to the alumni database and vice versa as student records, alumni records, and human resource records are maintained in distinct databases for legal reasons.

The best way to make sure that your data in the alumni database is current and your corresponding contact preferences registered is to update your profile in the online alumni directory. The most comprehensive alumni data housed by Art Center is in the alumni database. For more information about the online alumni directory, including detail about access to the directory, read the online network use policy.

How do I join inCircle?
All Art Center alumni are invited to join inCircle, which is now available to better connect you to other alumni for networking or catching up with old friends.

Complete the simple and speedy process of registering today by visiting www.artcenter.edu/alumni/incircle and clicking on the New User registration button. This process is fast and user-friendly. For the inCircle registration, you will need your alumni ID #, which you can get by emailing matt.obrien@artcenter.edu.

Once you are registered, you will be immediately able to invite other Art Center alumni to join in your network of friends, to directly control your communication preferences and to take advantage of other communication tools for starting interest groups and discussions. You will also be able to search for fellow alumni by simply typing their name in to the search box in the upper right hand of the home page. Also, using the advanced search you can search for alumni based on class year, emphasis, location, industry and more. As always, we welcome your feedback and questions.

Alumni Relations Contact Information

Kristine Bowne
Director, Alumni Relations

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