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William Ismael

Graphic Design '07

Why did you choose to attend Art Center?
The atmosphere just felt right. I felt the competitive spirit there, and that was the main driving force behind my decision to attend Art Center.

Did Art Center offer anything that other places did not?
Yes. The teachers, the open mindedness of the faculty, the competitive spirit, the speakers that come and share their knowledge, the passionate students and faculty from all the different disciplines, the labs, the student store, the shop, the fact that students can create anything with the machines in the shops, the beautiful campus, the fact that it's surrounded by nature ... the list goes on and on.

In what ways did Art Center help you grow as an artist and designer?
It helped me in my communication skills and in my visual research. It gave me time to experiment and a strong foundation to build on.

I would not be who I am without what I experienced at Art Center. I would not know the people I know, and I would not have the knowledge I have. Art Center gave me a strong foundation and a life experience that will be with me forever.

Where do you find inspiration?
From sufferance and pain. From love and the will to keep taking things to new heights.

What do you hope to accomplish through your work?
My ambition is to touch people with what I create.

Any memorable Art Center projects?
I created a motion project in a Brian Boyl's class called Blossom. My concept was to create a project that would inspire people that are going through turmoil, to help them stay strong and find hope.

I communicated with typography. I drew every frame of the motion piece by hand and with a 2B lead pencil on Vellum paper. I then scanned every image and added a second layer of animation in After Effects. The process was so organic-it was like creating a song. People have told me that this project touched them, and that I can touch people with my work. I feel like it's the reason I am alive, to inspire others to overcome obstacles.

What has been your greatest accomplishment since graduation?
In 2009, I put together a show in Paris where I showcased my prints, motion projects and my music.

What would you tell a prospective student that life at Art Center is like? What should they expect?
If you want to attend Art Center, I believe it is because you want to be incredible at what you do. So strap on your seat belt, and go hard.


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