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Justin Park

Illustration '03

I'm an Art Center graduate and a fashion illustrator and graphic designer for 2BB Unlimited, Inc., a five-year-old fashion manufacturer based in downtown Los Angeles. I work for the company's MIMO division, which specializes in junior tops and bottoms that are sold at specialty chains and some of the finest department stores. We have a great line of products, but we also have many competitors, so we need more exposure.

Thinking about ways to make our brand stand out, I had the idea of putting together a video-a quality clip with motion graphics and set to music. Generally, companies just send out picture packets and catalogs. As an Art Center graduate, I knew about Art Center at Night, and saw that it was offering a Motion Design course with Dario DiClaudio. So I proposed this deal to our vice president: pay for the course and I'll create the video. He loved the idea and took me up on the offer.

Returning to Art Center was great. Even though it was a different campus—South Campus was still being built when I was an undergrad—it still had the same vibe. I enjoyed being surrounded by students who were engaged with their work. The class itself was very challenging. Dario taught us everything about motion design, from A to Z. It wasn't always easy going to class after work and I'd sometimes spend up to 12 hours a week working on my assignments. But it was all worth it.

The video I made—a series of photographs showing off the MIMO line, mixed with images of buildings, urban environments and graphics and all moving to the beat of music—surprised everybody, particularly our sales rep. The video ended up being a valuable tool for him, and it resulted in opening several new accounts.

In fact, the response was so positive that the company asked me to make another video for MIMO Jeans a few weeks later. And they recently decided they want a new video every season, so now I'll be making four of them a year. I may have been busy before, but now I'm really busy!

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