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Facilities and Resources

Art Center's cutting-edge facilities and resources at the Hillside Campus and South Campus provide students with a limitless array of creative learning options and opportunities.

Black-and-white and color photography labs, film and photography stages, film-editing equipment, computer labs, a recording studio, fabrication shops, printmaking labs, a technical skill center, Archetype Press, “smart” classrooms, exhibition spaces, a comprehensive library and many other vital resources support and enhance the Art Center learning experience.

Key: H Denotes Hillside Campus, S Denotes South Campus


Basic Resources

Copy Services H, S
The Copy Center offers large-format, color laser and inkjet output from digital files. Color copying is also available. Self-serve, black-and-white copy machines are available for student use at both campuses.

Food Services H, S
The newly remodeled Cafeteria at the Hillside Campus is operated by Sodexo, an independent contractor providing food and management services. The Cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with seating available in the Student Dining Room and outside patios. In the evenings, Sodexo provides food services to South Campus in the form of beverages, snacks, pre-packaged sandwiches and salads.

There is also a cappuccino cart and vending machines at Hillside Campus and vending machines at South Campus. The Cafeteria is open around the clock, serving as a place for students to convene, study, relax and socialize.

Student Store H
Managed by Follett Higher Education Group, the Student Store provides a variety of educational services and products to the Art Center community. Additionally, Follett sells select art and school supplies at a discount to current degree students, faculty and staff. The store sells textbooks, magazines and educationally priced software, and is an authorized campus store for Apple computers. Follett buys textbooks back from students and offers special exclusives and promotions throughout the term. They also manage a virtual store selling Art Center apparel, textbooks, gifts and supplies online. Store hours and contact information can be found online.

Archetype Press

Archetype Press S
Archetype Press at South Campus is a unique creative resource for students and the community that continues the tradition of letterpress printing technology.

The 3,500-square-foot facility, established in 1989, includes eight Vandercook proof presses, a Chandler & Price platen press, a Heidelberg Windmill press and 2,400-plus drawers of rare American and European metal foundry type, wood type and ornaments, possibly the largest such collection of any design school.


Ahmanson Auditorium H
This 450-seat facility is used for screening student films, as well as shorts and features from faculty and guest directors. It's also host to a wide range of stage productions, concerts, speakers and multi-media events.

L.A. Times Media Center H
This unique and intimate 75-seat venue is used for lectures from leaders in the film and design communities, multi-media presentations, community art group programs and special events such as the Graduate Art Seminar and Toyota Lecture Series.


Sinclaire Pavilion H
This unique pavilion designed for student use offers a place to study, gather, socialize and exchange ideas. The site provides a flexible gallery space and open-air, amphitheater-type seating.

The Bridge H
Art Center's bridge connects the Hillside Campus' north and south wings and houses the College's Library and administrative offices.

Judy Skalsky Memorial Garden S
The rooftop garden of South Campus serves as an outdoor teaching space as well as an area for quiet contemplation and artistic inspiration. The garden is planted with native California plants that surround the sculptural skylights.

Sculpture Garden H
Sculptures have been installed in various outdoor locations. Students are encouraged to visit these areas to contemplate the works; to draw, paint or photograph them; or to otherwise enjoy the setting. Additionally, several College events are staged in the Sculpture Garden, such as Graduation and the Art Center Car Classic.

Wind Tunnel S
A former aircraft-testing facility, the Wind Tunnel is home to Art Center's Graduate Media Design program. The 16,000-square-foot space also houses the Wind Tunnel Gallery, host to a number of programs by Graduate Media Design as well as select exhibitions.


Classrooms H, S
Art Center is committed to the “smart classroom” environment. Technology enhanced classrooms provide new opportunities in teaching and learning by integrating computers, network access and audiovisual technologies. These classrooms are equipped with intuitive panel-control systems, simplifying the presentation of a vast array of media formats. The equipment is easily accessible by faculty and students and can accommodate many input sources directly from front-panel displays.

Dedicated Project Rooms H
Large, open project rooms provide Industrial Design students space to spread out and leave their works-in-progress at the end of the day.

Public Programs Classrooms S
Dedicated classroom space is provided for Art Center at Night/Continuing Studies, Saturday High, Art Center for Kids, Design-Based Learning and Summer Institute for Teachers.


Equipment Room H
The Equipment Room provides authorized students, faculty, staff and others a variety of circulating photography, film and audiovisual equipment. The equipment can be used in classrooms, studios, and in some instances, off-campus for instruction, demonstration and art-making purposes. Circulation is by reservation or a first-come, first-served basis depending on the type of equipment.

Film Equipment H
Film students have the benefit of a full spectrum of professional film and video equipment. Production equipment consists of a range of Arriflex 16 mm, Super 16mm and 35 mm film cameras, Panasonic and Canon digital video cameras utilizing state-of-the-art, high definition formats. The department also maintains lighting, grip and sound equipment.

Prop Room H
The Prop Room provides the background sets and equipment for daily classes and is also a resource for the Art Center community to check out props for projects.

Fine Art

Drawing and Sketching Workshops H
Drawing and sketching workshops are open to all students. A live model is provided with seating on a first-come, first-served basis most days of the week. Color Theory Workshops are also offered, based on need and are open to all majors. From the library to the technical skill center, Art Center staff members help students utilize an array of educational technology available at Art Center. The facilities and resources are listed alphabetically.

Graduate Art Complex S
The Graduate Art Complex is comprised of 35 individual studio spaces, a sculpture shop, welding/sculpture outdoor workspace, editing rooms, project rooms and galleries for use by Graduate Art students.


The Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery H
A 4,600-square-foot, museum-quality space, the gallery offers various exhibitions by leading artists and designers-often integrated into the existing curriculum.

Public Programs Gallery and Lobby S
This intimate exhibition space features degree program work as well as work specific to the Public Programs.

Student Gallery H
Most visitors to Art Center begin their tour here, where exemplary work by undergraduate and graduate students are on exhibit. Department Chairs select the work each term, representing all disciplines.

Undergraduate Fine Art Galleries H
Art Center has two galleries dedicated to undergraduate fine art student shows. The 684-square-foot Fine Art Undergraduate Gallery is reserved primarily for solo senior exhibits and curated senior group exhibitions. An additional, slightly smaller gallery space is available to all art students.

Wind Tunnel Gallery S
Located inside a former aircraft-testing facility, the Wind Tunnel Gallery is host to a number of programs by Art Center's Graduate Media Design Department, as well as select exhibitions.


Black-and-White Photography Lab H
This lab provides manual deep tank and automated film processing, a Kreonite print processor and enlarging capability for all film formats from 35 mm to 8” x 10”. A communal darkroom offers 40 enlarging stations, supplemented by private printing rooms.

Color, Materials and Trends Exploration Laboratory (CMTEL) H
In order to provide artists and designers with the resources to become better problem solvers, innovators, storytellers and leaders, Art Center has developed an innovative program to provide expanded resources and expertise in color and materials technologies, as well as understanding global trends. Supported by funding from Nokia and Avery Dennison, CMTEL hosts a variety of events, lectures and courses on topics such as sustainable design, trend forecasting, lighting technologies and more.

Color Photography Lab H
A separate color lab offers automated processing for E-6 and C-41. A programmable Wing-Lynch and C-41 handline is available for experimental color processing. Color enlargements are made with De Vere 4" x 5" and 8" x 10" enlargers in private printing rooms.

Computer Labs H, S
Art Center's computer facilities are constantly evolving, as are the various ways in which users interact with these spaces. The College provides a variety of campus computing options, including free wireless access. With an eye on the future, Art Center's model for classroom computing is becoming more mobile and ubiquitous to accommodate design education in the digital age.

Design-Based Learning Lab (DBL) S
The Lab serves as headquarters to the Summer Institute for Teachers and year-round professional-development programs for K-12 educators. In addition to courses and workshops, the DBL Lab features lectures and events and serves as a resource for K-12 teachers, principals, district superintendents, parents and members of the community.

Digital Imaging Lab H
Workstations for high-resolution scanning, digital printing from desktop to wide format, and manipulation are available. A film recorder enables digital files to be output as black-and-white or color film in any format up to 4" x 5".

SimLab H
The interior Simulation Lab (SimLab) provides students with vital tools for studying automotive interiors. Students are able to construct full-size 3D interior mock-ups in the simulator, project full-size vehicle packages onto adjustable mannequins and work with a wide array of textiles and other materials.


James Lemont Fogg Memorial Library H
The Library serves as an informal, collaborative learning environment, where students gather to do research, work on projects and study, supported by librarians offering research assistance.

The Library offers a comprehensive collection of resources on art and design, including over 86,000 books chosen for the practicing designer and artist; online resources in dozens of design disciplines including color forecasting, materials, business, entertainment, photography and fine arts; 8,000 films on DVD and other cinema formats; and high-resolution visual images. Limited and signed editions, portfolios, and pop-up books can be found in the Rare Book Room. Subscriptions are maintained for more than 400 magazines, while Web-based subscriptions provide access to thousands of magazine articles. Macintosh computers offer wireless Internet access and e-mail.

The Library also oversees the preservation of Art Center's history in the College Archives in Room 202A. With more than half a million volumes, the library at nearby Occidental College serves as another resource for Art Center students.


Studios H
Located in the north wing on the lower and upper levels, large, airy studios provide students ample class-time space for painting and drawing.

Alexander and Adelaide Hixon Courtyard S
The main entrance to the Graduate Art Complex, the Courtyard serves as an extended studio and provides an outdoor space to create and exhibit artwork.

Art Studios H
Art Center offers permanent individual studios for upper-level Fine Art students. Students use these spaces to create and present artwork, as well as meet with faculty and visiting artists for one-on-one critiques. An additional art classroom provides space for studio projects, installations, lectures and storage.

Printmaking Studio S
Art Center's printmaking facilities enable students to explore intaglio, screen printing, stone and plate lithography, and various photographic printmaking techniques. The 3,000 square-foot Printmaking Studio houses a press room, etching room and darkroom, as well as storage and office space.

Professional Recording Studio H
The audio control room offers students the latest in hard-disk recording technology, with a system that allows the maximum use of all types of audio in the digital domain, including: Audio System Digidesign Pro Tools 7.1, which offers 32 tracks of 24-bit digital audio recording; Pro Tools 7.1 Audio/Midi software; Digital Dynamics and Effects; cassette recorder; professional CD player; DAT stereo recorders; Mackie 24X24X2 Mixing Console; and a Midi Keyboard System, including Roland JV2080 synthesizer, Alesis D4 drum machine, and this system is controlled by a Kurzweil PC88 master keyboard. External analog effects include compressors, limiters, and digital-signal processors. A selection of high-quality microphones is available, as well as AKG headphones.

Photography and Film

Digital Video Editing Stations H
Post-production/editing is completed using Final Cut Pro and Avid editing systems. Audio post-production/sound editing facilities include Pro Tools, Logic 7, and a recording room with a foley pit for dialogue looping and sound effects recording. A recording suite for music composition is also included.

Model Office H
The Model Office books models that work at Art Center. It also has a small reference file of models, actors, stylists and makeup artists, which is available to upper-level Photography and Imaging and Film students.

Photo and Film Stages H
Two fully equipped, 4,600-square-foot stages provide shooting space for all types of projects. An onstage kitchen facilitates styling of prepared food. A 24-foot strobe box and full cyc enable students to shoot automobiles and other large products.

Photography Equipment H
The following are available for checkout by Photography students: extensive tungsten and strobe lighting equipment and grip equipment; 4" x 5" and 8" x10" Sinar P2 view cameras; digital SLRs and digital medium-format backs; 35 mm and medium-format cameras.

Post-Production Equipment H
The following tools are available to students to complete record, film or video projects: Avid Media Composer with film option, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, Sony Betacam SP, DVCam and DVCPro.

Technical Skill Center

Technical Skill Center/The Shops H
The Shops are the creation heart of Art Center and consist of the Model Shop, Paint Booths, Rapid Prototyping, Metal Shop, CNC, Laser, Plaster room, Sanding room, Composite Lab and the Tool Crib. Students from all departments may get trained to use the Shops and have access to professional instructors, quality modeling facilities and cutting-edge tools and technology to assist them in acquiring expert skills.

The work areas in The Shops are equipped with the latest professional equipment required to complete projects in woodworking, metal fabrication, vacuum forming, plastic sheet fabrication, and fiberglass and composite fabrication. There are dedicated facilities for sanding and buffing, rubber-mold making, plastic casting, sandblasting, spray-painting and plaster fabrication.

All Art Center students, with approved projects, have access to the latest in rapid prototyping technologies in our 3D prototyping shops, including various types of 3D printers, mills and routers. Laser cutters are also available to cut or etch plastic, wood or composites for a wide range of projects. The Shops also feature a well-stocked tool and equipment checkout area and a retail material sales area, making it easy to finish projects without driving to home supply centers.

Writing Center

Writing Center H
The Writing Center provides individualized assistance for all students, from first term to graduate level. In addition to assisting students with writing assignments, the Writing Center can also help with reading and research.
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