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The 75-year history of Art Center College of Design is captured in the collegeís archival holdings. These resources provide a compelling record of the history of an institution, as well as a rich window on art and design education, the Southern California design and art world, key figures in art and design, and the origins and development of many disciplines of design and cultural production locally, nationally and internationally. This is particularly true of transportation design, an area where Art Center has an important and influential design history (more than half of all car designers in the world are trained at Art Center).

Art Centerís archival project originally arose out of an institutional recognition that the historical materials of the college were not being optimally preserved or organized, nor were materials readily accessible to researchers. Materials were stored both in off-campus storage as well as in boxes in the collegeís library. In 2001, an Archives and Collections Committee was formed to begin a systematic effort to identify the various institution-wide, including content and coverage, and accessibility from within and without the institution. Art Center received funding from the Getty Foundation in 2003 and hired its first archivist Annastasia Wolfe as Project Archivist.

Since 2003, the Archives has grown considerably, and contains a wealth of historical photographic materials, publications and printed materials, audio visual materials, and non-current institutional records. In 2005 Art Center transferred the archivist from a grant-funded position to a full-time, permanent staff position supported by institutional funds, and hired Robert Dirig.

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Archives Contact Information


Robert Dirig
College Archivist

Cathy Lynn Folgate
Processing Archivist

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