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Art Center Archives

The Art Center College of Design Archives, part of the Fogg Memorial Library, is the repository for official and unofficial records that document Art Center College of Designís history and illuminate contributions of individuals and organizations associated with the College. The Archives contains historical images and material of enduring value generated by faculty, academic departments, administrative offices, students, and campus organizations.† As a result, it serves as the collective memory of Art Center College of Design.

The core mission of the Art Center College of Design Archives is to:

  • Collect, organize, describe and preserve records and materials of enduring historical, legal, fiscal, administrative and/or research value which document the history of Art Center College of Design
  • Provide a variety of levels of access and support, thereby making collections available for reference and research to the members of Art Center College of Design and the community at large
  • Promote knowledge and understanding of the origins, aims, and goals of Art Center College of Design, and the development of the College and its programs from its founding onward
  • Communicate to Art Center College of Designís administrative and educational departments and divisions, campus organizations, and faculty, the importance of retaining records of enduring value
  • Provide expertise on proper archival procedures and standards to other divisions and departments at Art Center College of Design
  • Facilitate efficient records management

Archives Contact Information


Robert Dirig
College Archivist

Cathy Lynn Folgate
Processing Archivist

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