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Interaction Design

Interaction Design is the study and craft of how people interact with products, systems and services. Submissions, therefore, should demonstrate a keen interest in user experience, along with your personal creativity and vision.

Equal parts thinker and maker, Interaction Design candidates should provide the following:

  • Examples of interactive work that you have made or in which you were involved. Work can be screen-based or physical. (Examples may include: mobile or social applications, web sites, gestural interfaces, games, consumer electronics, smart products, art, tangible or environmental projects). Include a statement about your role in the design and production and any URLs, working versions, videos, or multiple images of your interactive projects that show how they work.
  • Include process work showing how you develop and visualize concepts. Include relevant sketches, prototypes, wireframes, research, and comps. Emphasis in process work should be placed on innovative interactivity, user-centered design, familiarity with technology and conceptual thinking on and off the screen. Each project should be grouped as a single PDF. Sketchbook examples should be scanned and included as a separate PDF. If you include working interactive projects, be sure they work on both Mac and PC.
  • Feel free to include one or more examples of design work from a related field of interest such as graphic design, industrial or environmental design. Include any other work such as drawing and painting, video, or photography that will help us understand your personal interests and direction.

For instructions on submitting your work, follow the submission options in How to Submit Your Work.

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