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Graphic Design

Include layouts or comprehensives for projects such as posters, brochures, editorial design, package design, motion graphics, Web design and identity systems. Pieces that exhibit a grasp of an issue, an individual point of view, or a unique approach to a problem are helpful. Evidence of an understanding of—and a passion for—typography is a must.

Provide process work that shows the development of the chosen idea and various solutions. Samples of logotypes, lettering, life drawing and general color and design assignments should be included. A combination of finished pieces and sketches is desirable. If submitted work has been produced, provide an explanation of the role played in the creation of the work (overall design, production only, etc.).

For instructions on submitting your work, follow the submission options in How to Submit Your Work.

If you’re only just starting to develop your portfolio, you might want to begin by exploring this introduction to the principles of Graphic Design.

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