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Tuition and Fees

Information for Entering Students
Art Center’s Accounting Office is responsible for assessing your tuition and fees, and payments are made through that office. They are happy to help with any questions concerning your account.

Due Dates and Payment Process
New student tuition is due and payable the Friday of the first week of class. Tuition may be paid by check, credit card or cash. If you choose not to pay the full amount of your tuition before the first week of classes, you will be charged a $75 non-refundable installment application free charge, and may participate in the Installment Payment Plan. Payments are made at the cashier’s window of the Accounting Office if paying by check or cash. If you are paying by credit card, you may pay online at artcenter.edu/registration.

If you are receiving financial aid, those amounts will be credited to your account and deducted form the amount due. This can be viewed online via your Art Center account during Orientation Week.

Refunds on overpayments of tuition are available only after tuition and fees are paid in full and your account has a credit balance.

Tuition and Fees Per Term
Your tuition charge includes up to 19 credits for undergraduate students and 24 credits for graduate students.  Below is the current breakdown of tuition and fees. Tuition is subject to change.

Spring and Summer 2015. Fall 2016 tuition has not yet been established.
Undergraduate Tuition (per term): $18,665
Graduate Tuition (per term): $19,726
Universal Access Fee (required each term): $250

You will have a $300 tuition deposit credit on your account for undergraduates and $400 for graduate students. The tuition amount due for undergraduates is $18,365 and $19,326 for graduate students, minus any financial aid that has been awarded. The $250 Universal Access Fee allows full access to all campus shops and computer facilities and will be added to the tuition amount.


Methods of Payment

Students have the option to pay tuition and fees in two ways:

1. Single Payment Plan
Payment of tuition in full is due on Friday of the first week of school. Any student who has not paid tuition and fees in full by the due date will be deemed to have applied for the Installment Payment Plan described below and will be assessed a $75 tuition installment plan application fee.

2. Installment Payment Plan
There is a tuition installment plan application fee of $75 to participate in the Installment Payment Plan.

Tuition is due in three installments. The first of three installments is due on Friday of the first week of school. If the first installment is not paid by the due date, the student will be unable to enroll for that term.

Undergraduate installments will be assessed as follows:
$18,665 + $250 Access Fee = $18,915 + $75 tuition installment payment plan fee = $18,990. Divide $18,990 by 3 = $6,330 for each payment. 

For entering students, the $300 tuition deposit will be subtracted from the first payment for a first payment due of $6,030 for the installment plan. Students may also choose to pay more than each amount due to accelerate their payments.

The second installment is due one month after the first installment date.

The third and final installment is due one month after the second installment due date. Failure to pay the full amount due by the third installment due date will prevent the student from registering for the next semester.

Any financial aid (scholarships, grans and loans) posted to the student’s tuition account will reduce the amount due on the due date(s) following the date the financial aid is posted to the account.

Tuition and Fee Forgiveness Policy and Schedule

Tuition Forgiveness
Any unpaid balance of tuition and fees for the full term, including any unpaid installment payment plan payments, is due and payable immediately when a student withdraws (or is dismissed) from the College for any reason.

Additionally, students who withdraw during Week 1 of the term will be charged a $500 late fee.

Students who have not paid all tuition and fees for the full term may owe a balance to the College regardless of the date of the withdrawal during the term.

The forgiveness amount is based on the date the completed Withdrawal Form is duly received and executed by Enrollment Services, and it is calculated according to the following schedule:

Tuition Forgiveness Schedule
If the Withdrawal is completed:
Prior to the start of Week 1: 100 percent tuition forgiveness
Week 1: A $500 late fee charged to your account, but 100 percent of tuition and fee forgiveness
Week 2: 80 percent tuition and fee forgiveness
Week 3: 60 percent tuition and fee forgiveness
Week 4: 40 percent tuition and fee forgiveness
Week 5: 20 percent tuition and fee forgiveness
Week 6 or Later: No tuition and fee forgiveness

Fee Forgiveness
Course fees are forgiven per the same schedule as tuition forgiveness, except as otherwise noted above. Regardless of the date of the official Withdrawal, finance charges are not forgiven.

Also, if the tuition is not paid in full by the date of the Withdrawal, the student may have a balance due to Art Center.

Estimate of Additional Costs Per Term

The cost of living varies greatly by student, and we ask each student to look at his or her own lifestyle to estimate these costs.

The cost of supplies varies by major, and students will receive specific supply lists from faculty in each class during the first week of classes. The amounts listed below are general estimates.

Housing and food: $6,700 (living away from home); $4,342 (living at home)

Supplies and books: $2,000

Transportation: $1,400

Miscellaneous/personal: $1,800

Art Center Student Health Insurance

All enrolled Art Center students are automatically covered by a PPO student health insurance policy. This is a free benefit to students with no additional charge. It may not be waived but does become secondary to any other policy under which you are covered.

Students may also choose to purchase insurance for their eligible dependents who are the insured student's 1) legally married spouse who resides with the student; 2) Domestic Partner; or 3) child who is dependent on the student for support and maintenance and is under the age of 19 (25 if child is a full-time student). Brochures describing this coverage, as well as claim forms, are available from the Center for the Student Experience or available on a website established by the insurance provider. Visit the Student Affairs section for additional information.

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