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Art Center awards scholarships to students who demonstrate both financial need and outstanding visual and academic ability. International students do not need to establish financial need. Amounts may be up to full tuition based on calculated need, available funds and the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee. Both new and currently enrolled students may apply for Art Center scholarships.

Generally, a scholarship is renewed each term if a student maintains a GPA of 3.00, continues to demonstrate financial need and is making satisfactory progress as defined by the Financial Aid Office. Although Art Center administers a number of named scholarships, to be considered, students need only apply for general scholarships. Students holding scholarships must complete a Leave of Absence when they take a term off, and may not take off three consecutive terms.


Entering Scholarships

Entering U.S. students who want to apply for Art Center scholarships should submit all application materials, including portfolio and have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with the Financial Aid Office by the following dates:

Priority scholarship and aid deadlines for entering students applying for:

  • Summer: Apply by January 15
  • Fall: Apply by February 15
  • Spring: Apply by October 1

Entering students will be notified of any scholarship awards by the following dates:

  • Summer: March 1
  • Fall: April 15
  • Spring: November 15

There is no GPA requirement for entering students. International students do not need to file a financial aid application. Students who miss the priority deadlines may still be considered for scholarships and other aid.

In the case that you defer your acceptance, you will be reconsidered for scholarship and aid for your new entry term. This amount may vary from the original amount offered for this semester.

Continuing Scholarships

Currently enrolled students may apply for scholarships or scholarship increases each term. Eligible students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 (at Art Center) and must have a current FAFSA on file in the Financial Aid Office by the date of their department meeting for the term.


International students need only to submit their portfolios.

For More Information please visit:
https://inside.artcenter.edu/ed/file.php/6401/ Art_Center_Scholarship_Process_for_Continuing_Undergraduate_Student.pdf

Scholarship Time Limitations Policy

Undergraduate students entering in the Spring of 2011 and forward are subject to time limitations on their entering scholarships. Students holding scholarships will be entitled to maintain their scholarships, if all other requirements are met, for a maximum of four years or nine semesters. This amount of time is the normal time frame in which students complete the program or are capable of completing the program. It should allow time for terms off during the year for up to that time limit.

Students must also fulfill the requirement of maintaining a 3.0 grade point average and if they are U.S. students, continue to show financial need based on annual filing of the FAFSA.

This time limit applies to scholarships offered at the time of entry and does not apply to any additional scholarship funding that may be offered after enrollment.

Other Scholarship Resources

In addition to applying for Art Center scholarships, students are encouraged to explore other scholarship resources.

Many foundations and corporations offer scholarship funds and actively seek qualified applicants.

Students who wish to search for outside scholarships may find the following Web sites helpful:

Scholarship Search

Students who receive outside scholarships must notify the Financial Aid Office of the source and amount of funds.

Outside Scholarship Information
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