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Admissions Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of programs does Art Center offer?

Degree programs leading to bachelor's and master's degrees are full-time and are offered in 14 disciplines.

Single, non-degree College-level classes are offered through Art Center at Night/Continuing Studies, which can help you to build a portfolio or explore new directions. Visit artcenter.edu/atnight or call 626.396.2319 for more information.

High school students can take a range of classes in the Saturday High program. Visit artcenter.edu/sat or call 626.396.2319 for more information.

How long does it take to complete a degree program?

The bachelor's degree is eight terms of 14 weeks each and can be completed in a minimum of two years and eight months, if you attend for three terms a year. You can choose to attend for either two or three full terms per year.

Master's degree programs are from four to six terms.

What is the average student-to-faculty ratio?

Twelve to one.

Why can't I decide on a major after I've enrolled?

At Art Center, we offer an advanced program. We want to spend all eight terms helping you specialize, and giving you over 30 courses in your major. We don’t offer a general “foundation” year.

Art Center at Night/Continuing Studies and Saturday High are the perfect places to develop portfolios and explore our majors.

Can I transfer from another college to Art Center?

Many of our students transfer here from another college. We will grant credit for any liberal arts classes that meet our requirements, but where you are placed in studio courses will depend on your portfolio, not just your transcripts.

How difficult is it to get accepted to Art Center?

It is competitive. But we are looking for students with potential, not professionals. Meet with an Admissions Counselor to receive feedback on your art and design work.

Which is more important—grades or portfolio?

Both are important. You need a specialized portfolio as described in the Admissions section of this Web site, but we also want to see a strong record so we know you can handle our academic requirements.

Do you accept students directly from high school?

Yes, we do accept students who have developed a high level of specialization in their portfolios. Many have taken college-level classes while in high school or have attended arts magnet programs, and many attend another college first to help them prepare.

Our average freshman is 22 years old, but many of our strongest students have entered straight out of high school.

Make an appointment with an Admissions counselor to see if you are ready to apply.

Does Art Center offer financial aid?

Yes. U.S. students should complete the FAFSA to determine eligibility. Both international and domestic students may apply for scholarships. Currently, 76 percent of Art Center students receive some form of financial aid.

To be considered for Art Center scholarships, application materials must be received by the following deadlines:

Spring Term: October 1
Summer Term: January 15 
Fall Term: February 15

Do you have Residence Halls or on-campus housing?

No. We don't offer any on-campus housing. However, we do have a housing Web site and other valuable resources to assist you in your apartment and/or roommate search.

Can I take public transportation to Art Center?

Buses run to Hillside Campus periodically, but on a limited schedule. South Campus is located one block from the Fillmore station of the Metro Gold Line, linking to stops throughout Pasadena and downtown Los Angeles.

How many students attend Art Center?

Approximately 1665 undergraduates and 215 graduate-level students.

What percentage of students are from countries outside the U.S.?

International students make up 20 percent of Art Center's student body, coming from 34 countries.

What percentage of Art Center students complete their degrees?

78 percent.

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