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Statement on Diversity

Art Center College of Design views diversity of human enterprise, experience and identity as essential elements of great learning. Just as biodiversity contributes to healthy ecosystems, a diverse learning environment at Art Center College of Design features a wide range of thought, academic disciplines, cultures, identities, and socio-economic backgrounds, toward creating a robust community.

Changing demographics, the social issues surrounding identities and equity, and the interconnectedness of our society, both domestically and globally, make diversity a critical component of Art Centerís capacity to develop leaders necessary for a changing and pluralistic society. Art Centerís commitment to diversity is reflected throughout its 2011-2016 strategic plan. Diversity and Inclusion is also one of the College's six governing values and principles.

A diverse college community that encourages interdisciplinary dialogue produces the sophisticated thinkers, practitioners and citizens needed today. In support of this, we are committed to building capacity for diversity and inclusion for all students, faculty, staff and trustees.

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