3rd Term Review


The purpose of third term review is to assess that students are on track and to identify any apparent shortcomings that a student's work may have. This is not meant to be a comprehensive review, rather we are verifying that each and every student is achieving/applying the expected standard of education appropriate for this term level.

Course number: PHOT-200
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting AND Take PHOT-112, Imaging 2, PHOT-121, Adv Photographic Processes 1, PHOT-257, Color concurrently AND PHOT-160,Core Lighting

5th Term Review


This review addresses academic, aesthetic, and technical issues in each student146s work. Some kind portfolio (need not be finished) or presentation is required to show the work, but additional work outside that form is also acceptable and encouraged. Students begin their review by making a presentation of their work, direction of study and a short explanation of the outcomes from the classes that the work was done in. In showing the work, the student should clarify a range of skills they are comfortable employing, skills that they want to improve and a plan for how they will continue through graduation.

Course number: PHOT-300
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-358, Location Photography Take PHOT-200, 3rd Term Review AND PHOT-311, Still Life or PHOT-338, Product Photography

7th Term Review


These reviews will address aesthetic, technical and academic issues. This is not an exit interview, but one designed to assess a student's plan to move into the professional workplace and to give them an additional term to address what is discovered in the review. Reviewers recognize things in the work presented that can be addressed in a student's last term. This is an important review of preparedness, confidence and confrontation with the reality of graduation.

Course number: PHOT-400
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-200, 3rd Term Review; PHOT-300, 5th Term Review; and PHOT-360, Portfolio Development

Ad Shoot Lab


The course is structured based on real-world simulation of an in-house creative department for a major consumer brand. Advertising, Photo, and Film majors will work together to concept, develop, refine, and complete an image-driven advertising campaign. Advertising students will learn how to think photographically, exploring ways in which photography can help generate a wider and richer range of concepts, and train them in thinking more visually. Photo and Film students will learn more about concept ideation, brand research, telling a company's story, and how to solve communication problems in original and effective ways. The studio will be modeled on professional practice, with students working in art director/photographer/cinematographer teams to complete an ad campaign from concept to execution.

Course number: TDS-348A
Prerequisite: Must be 5th Term or higher

Adv Architectural Photography


This class will give each student an opportunity to refine how they photograph architecture with a particular emphasis on residential interiors. There will be guest lectures and crits by leading architectural photographers and several class shoots off campus.

Course number: PHOT-337
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-251, Architecture

Adv Photgrphc Proc 1 Comp Lab


This 0-credit lab allows students to complete Advanced Photo Processes 1. Students who received an 'Incomplete' for APP1 due to campus closure must register for this course in order to finish their assignments and receive their grade.

Course number: PHOT-121L
Prerequisite: n/a

Adv Photographic Processes 1


The Advanced Photographic Processes I class course deals primarily, but not exclusively with the concepts of correct exposure of film, its subsequent development, and reproduction of the negative images into positive prints. After considerable time, energy, and effort in exploring the conceptual entanglements of "Exposure and Development" the student will understand what a good quality negative is, and how it translates into a good quality print.

Course number: PHOT-121
Prerequisite: n/a

Adv Photographic Processes 2


There is authenticity and luminance to a Gelatin Silver Print. The print itself has value as an object of beauty. This course sets out to advance your understanding of the use of black and white film, paper, and chemistry to produce images of exceptional craft. This course will build upon your technical foundation of the silver gelatin medium, however the main goal is to use the techniques to ensure the success of a 10 image, personally driven, body of work. All effort will be made to push this traditional medium to support the concept of the "Final Project". This will be an excellent opportunity to work on a short term or long term project. Techniques for "expressive use" will be drawn from the use of grain, contrast and toning as well other techniques. Archival printing and matting to gallery standards will be accomplished. All format of cameras are accepted as long as the lens has an f-stop and shutter speed. As a class, we will pick the best image from each student's "Final" to form a group show that will be displayed on the wall outside the Black and White Lab.

Course number: PHOT-122
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-121, Adv Photographic Processes 1

Advanced Product Photography


The Advanced Product Photography class will continue exploring the highly technical world of Product Photography at a more advance level. With PHOT-338 being the prerequisite, this training will prepare students to enter the ever-evolving world of product photography world where more attention will be given to every aspect of the product at hand. The focus will no longer be just on lighting the product but the complete workflow and the process and at every step of the way, from pre-production all the way to post-production. This class will equally rely on hands-on approach and letting students free to explore. The idea here is to allow the students to bring their own sense of problem solving and let that be the building block of the process within this knowledge rich environment. The class will ultimately be an incubator of creativity with emphases on higher degree of technical knowledge within the realm of Product Photography.

Course number: PHOT-438
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-338, Product Photography

Alternative Portraiture


This class is designed for continuing exploration of the world of portrait photography where the use of other than traditional methods and techniques are emphasized. The photographer as a cutting edge, visionary artist is the asis for this class that encourages a personal style and point of view toward representation of the subject. From historical to contemporary artists with 147personal vision148 are studied and how their methodology influences, motivates, and inspires current trends in the world of portraiture.

Course number: PHOT-307
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting and PHOT-257, Color

Alternative Processes


This course will explore alternative processes to the black and white photographic print including platinum prints, liquid light, pinhole cameras. Students are encouraged to explore the creative uses of a variety of processing and printing to expand their photographic vocabulary and personal body of work.

Course number: PHOT-207
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-121, Advanced Photo Processes 1



This class guides students into seeing how both natural and artificial light give dimension, texture and mood to a structure or interior space. The ultimate goal is to create a photograph which translates the experience of being in a space to the 2-dimensional world of photography. Students will begin to master lighting in a variety of spaces and the control of multiple light sources and types.

Course number: PHOT-251
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting and PHOT-257, Color

Berlin: the City As Portrait


This is a research and project based class that will prepare students for a study abroad program in Berlin. Actual classes are broken into two components. A: Lecture and slideshow by the instructor. B: The photographic work and research of the students. We meet once a week. There will be a few weeks where we meet every second week. The goal of the class is to get students prepared for the time in Germany. This will be achieved through research, journal keeping and producing a photographic project that will allow students "to hit the ground running" in Berlin. This class will give students the opportunity to research a foreign city and create new work independently while testing and challenging their skills outside the institutional structure. And to expand perspective and global awareness.

Course number: PHOT-880
Prerequisite: 5th Term and above

Car Photography


This course is a study of photographic scenarios utilized in the photography of automobiles both in a studio setting and on location. The specific issues of lighting large products with reflective surfaces and shooting still and moving objects will be addressed. Discussion of marketing and advertising of automobiles and other modes of transportation will be discussed and show how these strategies were applied historically and are now currently applied in editorial and marketing contexts.

Course number: PHOT-331
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-338, Product Photography or PHOT-311, Still Life



Course Summary: Theories of color and light are fully examined as a pathway to achieve a sound understanding of color photography. This course will place emphasis on the properties of color negative film and its inherit characteristics, with the stated goal of gaining a working understanding of the relationships between exposure, development and printing. Further discussions will center on the aesthetics of color itself, and its role as a vehicle of effective visual communication.

Course number: PHOT-257
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-112, Imaging 2 and PHOT-160, Core Lighting Take PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting concurrently



In this class students will examine the fundamental elements of pictorial construction and learn to apply these through a series of assigned projects. These projects will be based on one or more of the compositional problems examined in class and will give students an opportunity to exercise and apply these compositional concepts. The assignments will begin with simple principles and, as students learn to juggle more complicated material, increase in complexity. In addition to the photographically based assignments students will be required to keep a sketchbook for ideation sketches and drawing. Through drawing students will explore strategies for compositional analysis as well as figural investigations from the live model. The subject matter in the first half of the trimester will be still life followed by figural work in the second half.

Course number: PHOT-104
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-102, Concept and PHOT-111, Imaging 1



Students will learn to define the problem at hand and to understand the difference between an idea and a developed concept. The class will explore the nature of the creative process and the value of a focused work ethic. Students will discover ways to think visually and to understand that the quality and quantity of decisions made while working define one146s creative style. Students will begin to construct images that show evidence of their understanding of the value of light, pose, gesture, composition, and environment and how to fashion these elements for creative effect and to take responsibility for every aspect of their image.

Course number: PHOT-102
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-111

Core Lighting


This course consists of a series of assignments designed to cultivate love of, and respect for light. The first assignments will introduce you to the basic vocabulary of lighting: lighting direction and formal definition, hard and soft light qualities, separation, fill ratio, basic laws of light and the dynamics of lighting. My expectations for these assignments will be very specific; your task will be to closely copy given examples, and the assignments will encourage careful and patient observation. Once you have integrated these lessons, once you have begun to intuitively "think in light", the assignments will open up to allow you to apply these skills more freely in the service of your own creative vision.

Course number: PHOT-160
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-102, Concept

Design 2


In this class students will learn the basic vocabulary and architecture of paginated materials: books, magazines, catalogs, web, etc. Class will focus on an understanding of the principles of scale, size, proportion, position, direction, point of view, cropping and sequencing within this context. Students will learn the roles of designer, art director, photographer, picture editor, editor, and writer in the publication process and to understand how to plan and organize multi-image projects to achieve narrative strategies.

Course number: PHOT-312
Prerequisite: Take INT-103, Design 1, PHOT-104, Composition, PHOT-112, Imaging 2 and PHOT-257, Color

Documentary Photography


The Documentary Photo Essay will consist of weekly assignments that will be critiqued at the beginning of the following week's class. Initial assignments including environmental portraits, working with minimum and maximum depths of field, and creating establishing shots will develop the tools to produce a classic photo essay (e.g. the Life Magazine photo essays of the 1940s and '50s.) Examples of photo essays by renowned photographers such as W. Gene Smith (e.g. Minamata series) and Sebastiao Salgado (e.g. Migrations) will be examined. Students will discuss and refine their project ideas in class.

Course number: PHOT-308
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting and PHOT-257, Color

Editorial Photography


This class will help students understand what it is like to work for a variety of publications today. Students will be asked to fulfill realistic and challenging assignments from simple portraits to elaborate conceptual stories. We will look at historical and contemporary work and engage in discussions that inspire as well as offer important practical skills. Students will be encouraged to develop a professional approach that includes knowing your potential client, building relationships with photo editors and art directors, shaping ideas and concepts with art reference, and devising a clear plan of production prior to a session. Artistic vision and style will be emphasized simultaneously with the importance of completing a job successfully and professionally. Regular assignments with real deadlines will generate work for weekly critique and portfolio editing and development. Through this range of assignments, students will learn to fulfill the demands of a client, while developing their own artistic voice. They will learn the value of a well thought out production plan, and that collaborating and being professional in all aspects of a job is what may get them hired again. They will grow more comfortable and confident talking about their own work. They will understand the importance of a good edit. They will decide what kind of magazines they want to work for, and how to steer their portfolio and promotional materials towards getting such assignments.

Course number: PHOT-316
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-358, Location Photography

Entrepreneurial Strategies


In this course students will learn how to use entrepreneurial strategies in their photographic practice to become better image-makers and to move out into their careers in a more professional circumstance. New ideas and opportunities don't come out of thin air, but research, studying and practice and help you adopt the best practices of this shifting information culture and economics to create personal and professional strategies. You can initiate work now that will begin to build a client base, a web following, and a brand that is particularly useful in taking advantage of the hybrid multi-platform opportunities.

Course number: PHOT-361
Prerequisite: Take HBUS-201/PRP-345, Business & Professional Practices

Experimental Projects


This course is structured to enable the student to go beyond technique into personal expression and creativity and provides an opportunity to develop confidence in one's ability to "create" and to discover the inherent artist in each of us. The importance of one's passion, perseverance, and personal growth during your career is emphasized. The class establishes a foundation from which the photographer can grow as an artist throughout their career as a student and into their professional practice.

Course number: PHOT-354
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-121, Adv Photographic Processes 1; PHOT-160, Core Lighting

Fashion Photography 1


This course is designed to acquaint the photography student with the working world of fashion photography and to begin to develop a personal sense of style for their images. Students will work with models, stylists, and make-up artists both in class shoots and on their own. Various aspects of fashion and beauty lighting will be explored as well as historic and current trends in the fashion world.

Course number: PHOT-306
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting and PHOT-251, Architecture Take PHOT-358, Location Photography concurrently

Final Crit


This course is designed to work with graduating students to refine their exit plan addressing issues such as prospective clients, interview skills, self-promotion and their final presentation of their work for Grad Show exhibition.

Course number: PHOT-461
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-360, Portfolio Development and PHOT-400, 7th Term Review

Fine Art Photography


In this course we will assess the role of photography in Art and reciprocally, the role of Art in photography. You will make images. This class will assist you in seeing the differences among photographs and what role photographs play in society. Students are encouraged to create their own distinct images that speak their intentions in a more clearly articulated voice.

Course number: PHOT-254
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-102, Concept PHOT-104, Composition and PHOT-200, 3rd Term Review

Food Photography


This class is a comprehensive overview of contemporary food photography. Characteristics of food, concept development, lighting and styling are emphasized. The class provides an opportunity for students to observe and assist a photographer in the photo shoot and to work with professional food and prop stylists as well as to begin their practice of developing their own food photography skills and style.

Course number: PHOT-359
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-104, Composition; PHOT-112, Imaging 2; and PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting

Fringe Benefit


Fringe Benefit is a class devoted to collaboration between student and alum and/or faculty member to create an art piece. The first two weeks of class will be spent reaching out to collaborators ( student initiated, with help of curated list of interested alum) and formulating a plan to create the work to be finished in Week 12. Class discussions and assignments will center on direction, communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and the roles of pairs and patron. The piece will loosely relate or include some component relating to the title of the event "fringe Benefit". Pairs can create mood boards, proposals, and research resources from traditional and historic to the most radical forms of creative license. Students will take the lead in scheduling, following up, and meeting deadlines. The culmination of the class will be an exhibition and gala opening of those art pieces sponsored by The Pasadena Art Alliance. Students and their collaboration partners will be invited to the opening, the location of which will be determined. A small stipend will be provided by the patron for expenses. The work then becomes part of the patron's collection. This TDS is open to all majors.

Course number: TDS-345A
Prerequisite: n/a

From Still to Motion


This is a course designed to integrate where still meets motion. Students will be encouraged to look deeper and push their still photographic storytelling into short motion projects. How movement and sound is used to support the still image will be explored thru a series of class projects. Final projects will include a 5 minute motion piece supported by (or integrated with) a series of 5-10 photographs. How the internet is effecting work and where it is seen will be closely examined. The personal story will be encouraged. By looking closely at one's personal history through still and motion work, students will be encouraged to experiment with non-traditional storytelling and the idea of a spatial cinematic experience. Emphasis will be on the importance of detail and how small, concise stories can have big effects. How to approach, interview, find trust and comfort with subjects will also be discussed thru multiple films and internet examples and class exercises.

Course number: PHOT-318
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-421, Video & Multi-Media

Imaging 1


This course will provide students the functions, procedures and applications of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to expand students' creative vision and help them define their personal style. Students will learn to master workflow and develop best practices for photographers. The class will address retouching images, adjustment layers, exposure histograms, color theory and management, color temperature, white balance, resolution and histograms. The course will also introduce students to inkjet and Chromira printing as well as flatbed scanning of images.

Course number: PHOT-111
Prerequisite: n/a

Imaging 2


This class allows students to move past the beginning stages of digital photography, exposure and printing and to start to become a power user in a variety of digital software and hardware. Students will learn to work more efficiently and speak the language of digital imagery. After this class, photographic creativity should not suffer due to insufficient technical knowledge. Compositing and retouching should be seamless.

Course number: PHOT-112
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-111, Imaging 1 or PHO-PH1, Imaging 1 Waiver

Imaging 3


The purpose of this class is to provide you with a method for successful digital capture (studio and location), project asset organization, file management and client presentation. Digital capture is the foundation for your digital workflow, in preparation for developing subsequent workflow segments for image enhancement, file delivery and output, and project acrhiving.

Course number: PHOT-313
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-112, Imaging 2 and PHOT-160, Core Lighting

Landscape Photography


This studio class will be an exploration of the landscape in personal practice. Strong emphasis will be placed on the history of landscape with a focus on contemporary artists working with landscape. This class will allow the student the opportunity to develop their own use of the landscape as a subject. The role of landscape in film will play a critical role. The class will be a combination of research, technical exercises and shooting.

Course number: PHOT-242
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-121, Adv Photographic Processes 1 and PHOT-257, Color

Let's Talk


This online class is designed as a discussion/independent research seminar that takes advantage of the immediacy of the internet and opportunities afforded by distance learning. Each week, students will be assigned articles based on contemporary culture and topical events related to art/photography. Class time will involve discussion and on-the-fly research which the students will share. Pre-requisites: Take PHOT-102 Concept, PHOT-104 Composition

Course number: PHOT-240
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-102, Concept AND PHOT-104, Composition

Lighting for Non-Photo Majors


This is a photographic lighting course for non-photo majors. The class will cover various methods of lighting for photography to give students the ability to photograph their own work more effectively. Techniques for shooting products as well as copy work and photographing 2-dimensional pieces will be addressed. This course is open to degree students in all majors with the exception of photography.

Course number: PHOT-108
Prerequisite: n/a

Location Photography


Location lighting is an introduction to the particular skills that photographers use when working on assignment outside the studio. Editorial and advertising projects need to be shot on location and specific equipment and strategies are required for successful results. Many jobs require working with talent and lighting them in a specific environment to create a certain look or mood. Classroom meetings will present theory, critique, problem solving, stylized lighting and its application. Location lighting demos, class shoots and assignments will provide hands-on experience. There will be extra assistants and guest speakers during class demos.

Course number: PHOT-358
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting, PHOT-251, Architecture

Marketing Photography


What is required to succeed in the fast changing marketplace for commercial and fine art photography? It is no secret that good luck needs good preparation. You need to know the business and how to research your audience. Hard work combined with your talent and education will take you to where you want to be in five years. But there are no shortcuts, a career does not happen without focus and commitment. The class helps you articulate and actualize your five-year plan. We research financial resources to fund personal projects including grants, awards and competitions. We discuss strategies to build your reputation in the fine art and the commercial world by committing to portfolio reviews. We discuss if, why, when and how to publish a book, and how to develop a revenue in print sales and commercial licenses. Most importantly everyone needs a focused marketing strategy thru social media, print and email. Finding your audience is your primary goal and we review commercially available lists and research your own dream client list. We will practice Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) using pictures, photographs and our own work. These exercises help us understand how others read and interpret our work and form the basis of conversation with a wider community of photographers and curators. Guest speakers will talk about developing personal projects, portfolio reviews, and career options. Course work will include two shooting assignments, grant writing, editing and research projects. The syllabus will be reflective of the needs and specific trajectories of individual students.

Course number: PHOT-349
Prerequisite: PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting; PHOT-257, Color; and HBUS-201, Business & Professional Practices

Master Lighting


A concept based, master portrait lighting class. Course will include studio visits with local photographers, in-depth critique, and will be geared towards students who are intent on building their personal body of work.

Course number: PHOT-341
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-251, Architecture; PHOT-257, Color; and PHOT-358, Location Photograpy

Photo Illustration


This class will build on the educational experiences that were created in the Still Life class. Refinement of visual ideas and narrative will be practiced. Special attention to image content through the use of various photographic and digital techniques will be explored. Research, development, planning and practice will be encouraged for all finished works. Assignments for this class will consist of individual narrative constructs as well as an extended series of work that deals with a specific view or narrative them.

Course number: PHOT-321
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-254, Fine Art Photography AND PHOT-311, Still Life or PHOT-338, Product Photography

Photo Imaging for Non-Photo


This is a photographic imaging class for non - photo majors. This course is designed to give the student the opportunity to understand and apply techniques to create more aesthetic images. The course will touch on many topics, including the DSLR camera and lens, the shutter and depth of field. Metering, exposure, natural light and the use of fill cards (reflectors) will also be covered. Also included in the class will be an introduction to composition. Students will be introduced to the best principles of digital capture while processing RAW image files using Adobe Lightroom, controlling exposure, contrast and color globally as well selectively, white balance, basic retouching and image sharpening. While this course is technical in some aspects students will be challenged to explore their own personal style and conceptual possibilities. Upon the conclusion of this course students will understand what is involved in creating an aesthetically pleasing photograph with confidence. Equipment Requirements Students will need to provide their own DSLR camera with raw capture capability, a LAPTOP, ADOBE LIGHTROOM, and a minimum 1T portable hard drive, which they should bring to the first class. (Hard drives will be needed week 2.)

Course number: PHOT-114
Prerequisite: n/a

Photo Production


In this course students will refine their skills with regard to conceptualizing, cost estimating, location scouting and producing photographic assignments. Assignments can be geared to students personal photographic direction and potential clients.

Course number: PHOT-411
Prerequisite: PHOT-358 Location Photography and HBUS-201, Business & Professional Practices

Photo: Zone System


Although the class is called Zone System, it is not a rehash of that particular technique. It is about producing an image that is exceptional not only in its technical aspects, but also one that embodies the emotional and mental aspects of humanity within the artist exhibited in final form as a beautiful print.

Course number: PHOT-230
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-121, Adv Photographic Processes 1

Photographic Series


This class is intended to develop a cohesive body of work with consistency of subject matter, technique, and process. The class is project-driven. This "series" of images can be an extension, re-vamp, or redirection of subject matter already begun prior to taking the class, or it can be an entirely new concept and body of work. Student must have access to subject matter chosen. The goal is a completed series of new or extended work to augment your portfolio or possibly to become a self-published book. Topics addressed in the course will include the esthetics of a "series mentality", how one delves deeper into subject matter as well as shining a light on the psychological development of artists and the process of creating their work. Collateral materials, research, previous student projects and historical references will be required and will be discussed in class. A completed series of images (either in print of book form) will be required at the end of the 14-week term.

Course number: PHOT-322
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting AND PHOT-311, Still Life or PHOT-338, Product Photography

Photography Master Class


This is an advanced course designed for upper level photography students. The class will be project based and will involve discussion of fashion photography, style, portraiture and fine art as well as critique of student work. Students will develop, refine and utilize their personal photographic style for projects they propose and develop over the course of the semester.

Course number: PHOT-422
Prerequisite: Must be a Photography major, 6th term or higher

Portfolio Development


This course provides information and skills fundamental to the working photographer. The primary focus and goal will be to prepare a portfolio for presentation to clients, reps and agencies that is unique and representative of each students work. Students will explore the nature and value of an overall concept, technique, typography and choice of materials necessary to create a portfolio presentation.

Course number: PHOT-360
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-312, Design 2 , PHOT-358, Location Photography, PHOT-254, Fine Art Photography AND PHOT-311, Still Life or PHOT-338, Product Photography

Portrait Lighting


This course builds on the foundations of lighting learned in Core Lighting. Students will begin to explore and master more advanced lighting techniques while focusing on portrait photography using both studio and natural lighting in both film and digital circumstances. Students will begin to understand how lighting translates into emotion and narrative in both black and white and color photography. The class will cover a variety of lighting options as well as the myriad of light modifiers that can be used to create a personal photographic vision.

Course number: PHOT-217
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-121, Adv Photographic Processes 1 and PHOT-160, Core Lighting

Portrait and Identity


Students will be exposed to and experience principles of portraiture in regards to art history and the photographic arts. The course's major emphasis will be to guide students to develop their own voice within the creative field. Students will choose a single subject or subject group and develop a hands-on semester-long project. Student will be expected to integrate the given set of portraiture skills and principles and develop a unique final portfolio of 12-20 images by the end of the course.

Course number: PHOT-319
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting and PHOT-257, Color

Product Photography


This class continues to build upon the foundation lighting courses by exploring in greater depth the creation and control of artificial light in the context of professional product photography. The focus will be on the intent of the photographer in using lighting to emphasize or hide aspects of the objects at hand. The class structure allows the students to experience first hand challenges that they would encounter professionally through class shoots, demonstrations, and critique of student assignments. Students will develop the fluency and the knowledge necessary to determine the perfect lighting for each given situation as it relates to real world product photography, be it in advertising or editorial venues.

Course number: PHOT-338
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting and PHOT-257, Color

Production Continuation


This 0-credit lab grants recent alumni access to campus facilities and resources as needed to complete your final projects and portfolio work from the last semester. Access will be coordinated with our facilities team in a safe and staggered schedule. Students will need to communicate with their department a specific list of projects and identify the specific resources you need to complete your work.

Course number: PHOT-491
Prerequisite: n/a

Professional Presentation


Location Lighting is an introduction to the particular skills that photographers use when working on assignment outside the studio. Editorial projects such environmental portraiture, architecture and journalism need to be shot on location?\ and specific equipment and strategies are required for successful result. Classroom meetings will present theory and application while location demos and assignments will provide hands on experience. Students are required to have already taken the introductory lighting classes.

Course number: PHOT-260
Prerequisite: n/a

Project Photo: Sport


This course will encompass a survey of the historic illustration of the art of sport. From pictorial photo-realism to Impressionism, all these approaches are conscious choices of how the artists hand in the process introduces a personal and distinct signature to the work whether documentary or illustrative. The class offers students the opportunity to become well versed in a variety of visual solutions for portrait, action and lighting solutions specific to this genre. The course will also deal directly with the nuances of directing an athlete and their choreography.

Course number: PHOT-332
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting and PHOT-358, Location Photography

Smart Business


This course provides students with direct access to photographers from diverse backgrounds and specialties, at varying levels of experience with the goal of challenging or confirming their assumptions and expectations about their careers in photography. In addition, students will learn proven techniques for leveraging copyright, contracts, estimates, invoices, negotiations, licensing and standard industry practices to succeed as professional visual artists.

Course number: PHOT-405
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-300, 5th Term Review and must be 6th Term or higher Photo major

Snap 2


SNAP 2 is a class devoted to the expressive portrait. Class discussions and assignments will center on direction, collaboration and the roles of student and patron with the synchronizing of student style with patron expectations being the ultimate guide for the portrait. Every mode of portraiture will be explored from traditional and historic to the most radical forms of creative license. The project schedule for the class will include the 3 patron per student pairings that will produce results based on the unique individual student/patron dynamic. The culmination of the class will be an exhibition and gala opening of those portraits sponsored by The Pasadena Art Alliance. Students will be invited to the opening; the location of which will be determined. A small stipend will be provided by the patron for expenses.

Course number: PHOT-377
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-217, Portrait Lighting previously PHOT-358, Location Photography concurently

Social Impact


Whether as a primary focus, or part of a mosaic of professional production, many media producers see incorporating sociopolitical engagement into their work as a necessary aspect of sustaining a healthy, long-term career. The class will cover different strategies for working in the nonprofit and nongovernmental sector-working for organizations and working with organizations. The class will focus on meeting the needs of a nonprofit- social media content, developing and promoting targeted campaigns, etc. One or two nonprofits will be chosen and the class will work as a team to tackle the needs of the organization(s). Student work will be scheduled taking into account skills, interests, and ability to accomplish specific tasks. The class will also introduce the process of producing a personal project in partnership with an NPO/NGO-including community partnership and funding.

Course number: PHOT-309
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-251, Architecture

Still Life


Advanced Still Life Photography. Exploration of commercial and fine art. Still life photography with an emphasis on styling, composition, lighting.

Course number: PHOT-311
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-104, Composition and PHOT-217,Portrait Lighting and PHOT-257, Color

Video & Multi-Media


Photography is changing along with technology and photographers are being asked to expand their strategies into motion and multi-media projects as well as still imagery. This course will help students explore and address these challenges. Students will be encouraged to experiment with non-traditional storytelling, the importance of detail and how concise stories can have big effects. Students must be willing to approach new avenues for their work and find new ways to visualize, conceive and exhibit ideas. Examples of transmedia stories, documentary film and experimental multi-media projects will be shown and introduced throughout the semester.

Course number: PHOT-421
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-358, Location Photography and PHOT-300, 5th Term Review

View Camera


This class is designed to give the student a good working knowledge of the use of the View Camera. Both the technical and creative uses of the camera are explored through demonstrations and class assignments. Work will be critiqued in class. Students are encouraged to explore their personal vision.

Course number: PHOT-107
Prerequisite: Take PHOT-102, Concept and PHOT-121, Adv Photographic Processes 1