Graduate Graphic Design

PLO Domain 1: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Professional Practice

PLO Statement: Demonstrate the skills necessary to excel in the design workspace as an entrepreneur, leader, or team member in a variety of work situations.

PLO Detail:

  • Successfully present, both visually and orally, compelling arguments for a design direction.
  • Integrate leadership skills to identify, manage, and direct teams in small to large organizations.
  • Demonstrate collaborative skills across disciplines, individually and within teams, including an understanding of other art and design practices and the manner by which cross-disciplinary projects are developed.
  • Develop capacity re: basic business practices such as budgeting, hiring and team-building, production, intellectual property, contract law, and freelancing strategies.
  • Demonstrate insights into both entrepreneurial and established career options.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of broader professional issues, organizations, and individuals.
  • Convey Ideas, clearly and confidently, in their work, their speech and their writing.
PLO Domain 2: Critical Thinking, Analytic Thinking, and Strategy

PLO Statement: Generate a strategic, conceptual and formal direction based on analysis of an issue:

PLO Detail:

  • Evaluate and synthesize different points of view to determine appropriate solutions that serve specific outcomes.
  • Apply critical thinking and flexibility to formulate appropriate, practical, and actionable responses to any question.
  • Think broadly, be receptive to provocative ideas, and be prepared to generate novel and unexpected outcomes.
  • Articulate the diverse ethical components associated with any cultural and societal production.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of historical, current, and innovative events and ideas, and interpret those viewpoints through the framework of communication design.
  • Build visual/oral presentations that communicate the a concept and help to convince the audience of your directions.
PLO Domain 3: Craft: Typography, Images, Form, Execution

PLO Statement: Demonstrate expertise in the execution and articulation of graphic design craft:

PLO Detail:

  • Demonstrate excellence in typographic practice using text typography, display typography, and grid systems across analog and digital media.
  • Display image-making expertise and the development of visual -narratives using photography, illustration, and type-as-image across analog and digital media.
  • Formulate aesthetic decisions that expertly reflect the concept, the materials, and delivery format.
  • Demonstrate iterative making as a necessary component of the design process.
  • Exhibit refined final execution as an essential part of project expression.
  • Work across multiple media to fully communicate a message.