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Graduate Environmental Design

Our students are designing and defining the future of our living environment.

Our Master of Science degree in Environmental Design focuses on the parameters of sensory-based design, taking candidates beyond the confines of style to consider the links between the psychological, physical, emotional and sensory effects of design. Our graduates become uniquely qualified to advance the impact and discipline of environmental design. Our curriculum combines conceptual rigor with professional practice and a focus on theoretical thinking, technical innovation, manufacturing, fabrication and project execution.

Degree candidates are asked to choose between our two tracks: the Spatial Experience track, which addresses the relationship between body, materials, space and emotions; or the Furniture and Fixtures track, which investigates the relationship among space, place, function and application of furniture and fixture design, emphasizing innovation, industry standards and the manufacturing process.

Both tracks are designed to deepen students' understanding of our relationship to the spaces we inhabit and the fixtures occupying them, as well as the processes that go into conceiving and creating all of the above.

From hospitality and retail design to interior design and spatial experiences, deepen your understanding of our relationship to the spaces we inhabit and the fixtures occupying them.

Earn a masters degree in Environmental Design with a focus on Spatial Experience or Furniture & Fixtures.

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Graduate Environmental Design

HQ:NY — Environmental Design Alum Hines Fischer

Changes in the world have opened up more options to creatively interact with culture, but all these changes require a depth beyond what most undergraduate programs offer.

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Environmental Design and issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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