ArtCenter Honor Roll for Fiscal Year 2017 (July 2016–June 2017)

ArtCenter 100     Williamson Gallery Patrons

Totals reflect full amount paid within the fiscal year.


The Ahmanson Foundation
Lowell Milken Family Foundation and Professor Leah Toby Hoffmitz*, Honorary Alumna


Adidas AG
BYD Motors
The Fletcher Jones Foundation
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Bruce Heavin BFA 93 Illustration and Lynda Weinman
Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
Huace Pictures (USA)
Hyundai Motor America
Kia Motors America
Melissa and Michael Lora
Emily and Sam Mann
Merle and Peter Mullin
Newell Brands
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Alyce and Warren* Williamson

$50,000–$99,999, Inc.
The Autodesk Foundation Fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation
City of Long Beach
City of Santa Monica
DaimlerChrysler Corporation
Jason Hailey* BFA 51 Photography and Gretalee Hailey
Harry and Betsy* Hathaway
Hewlett Packard
Hutto-Patterson Charitable Foundation
KBA-NotaSys SA
Terri and Jerry Kohl
David and Mary Martin
Nestlé S.A.
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Jack Shear
SIG Technology AG
Wallis Foundation


Antoinette Adams BFA 14 Fine Art and Frederic Cohen
John Baldessari Family Foundation
Jeffrey Barbakow and Margot Baker Barbakow
Bettina Chandler
Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation
Ford Motor Company Fund
Phil Hettema Illustration
Marriott International, Inc
The Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles
Nestlé USA, Inc.
Pasadena Art Alliance
Vodafone Group PLC


Aquarium of the Pacific
Mary and Ron Benson
Duane Bohnstedt BS 51 Transportation Design
Lorne M. Buchman and Rochelle Shapell
Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research
Faye and Robert Davidson
Divergent 3D Technologies
Eaton Corporation
Frank Ellsworth
General Motors Foundation
The Getty Foundation
GK Design Group in memory of Kenji Ekuan BS 57 Product Design
Valerie Gordon Johnson BFA 78 Film and Doug Johnson
Julia and Ken Gouw
Bill Gross and Marcia Goodstein
Heather and Paul Haaga, Jr.
Linda Hill and Roger Breitbart
Linda Hinrichs BFA 64 Advertising and Kit Hinrichs BFA 63 Advertising
Richard Holbrook BS 81 Transportation Design
Los Angeles 2024 Exploratory Committee
George H. Mayr Foundation
Metal Finishing Association of Southern California, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Stanley Mikolajcz* BS 55 Product Design
National Academy of Sciences
Charles Nearburg and Karen Miller
Infiniti Division of Nissan North America, Inc.
The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
Margie and Robert E. Petersen Foundation
The Mary Pickford Foundation
Brenda Potter
Proximity Designs
Ronald E. Galella BFA 57 Photography
Marvin Sackner
Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
Lloyd Walker BS 84 Transportation Design and Liz Walker
Xuan Yu MS 06 Industrial Design and De Liu Industrial Design


Sean A. Adams
Douglas Andelin BFA 87 Illustration and Sandy Siegal
Grace Ray Anderson
Rob Ball BS 83 Environmental Design
The Enso Collaborative LLC
Frances Courtney BFA 34 Advertising
Mark Fennimore BFA 86 Advertising
Rowe and Gayle Giesen Trust
Richard Han BFA 04 Illustration
John Hotchkis BS 86 Transportation Design and Courtney Hotchkis
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Professor Gloria A. Kondrup MFA 93 Graphic Design
Frank Lanza BFA 57 Advertising
Ramone Muñoz BFA 77 Advertising, MFA 90 Art and Tom Jacobson
Martin Sklar*
Frederick R. Weisman Philanthropic Foundation


Kevin Bethune MS 12 Industrial Design and Sefanit Bethune
John Burrows
Susan and John Caldwell
Barbara and Wesley Coleman
Francine Tolkin Cooper and Herbert Cooper
Tom Cordner, Jr. BFA 72 Advertising and Mary Lim
Tim Delaney BS 72 Product Design and Susan Delaney
Carla Figueroa BFA 95 Graphic/Packaging and Eduardo Repetto
Glenn Gee BS 73 Product Design and Melissa Gee
Eric Heimbold BFA 94 Film (The Heimbold Foundation)
Kendall Henry BFA 90 Film and Adriana Henry
Katie Johnson Sprague BFA 91 Graphic/Packaging and David Sprague
Judith G. Kelly
Andrew Kramer BS 73 Environmental Design
Emily and Michael Laskin
Richard Kenneth Law MS 58 Industrial Design
Mary Halsey and Robert Marks
MLA Architects (H.K.) Limited
Matthew Rolston BFA 78 Photography
Julian Ryder BFA 72 Advertising and Joanna Ryder
Marina Chang BS 88 Environmental Design and Orrin Shively BS 84 Transportation Design
Tracy Wong BFA 84 Advertising (WONGDOODY)

$1,000 - $2,499

(2 Anonymous)
Joan and David Aarestad
Sara and George Abdo
Susan Abrahamson BFA 92 Graphic/Packaging and Norman Abrahamson
Elaine and Peter Adams
Al Brooks Rose Bowl Tours
Mary and Nick Alexander
Gwen and Guil Babcock
Kit and David Baron
Ann and Olin Barrett
Janice and Thomas Bea
Judy and Tom Beckmen
Wakako Takagi BS 06 Product Design and Fridolin Beisert MS 08 Industrial Design
Harald Belker BS 90 Transportation Design and Thanda Belker
Bea and Paul Bennett
Chantal and Stephen Bennett
Adele and Gordon Binder
Helen and Peter Bing
Jeannie Blackburn
Bloom Hergott Diemer, et al.
Blum and Poe
Deborah and Franklin Booth
Linda and Douglas Boyd BS 66 Transportation Design
Judy Brandt
David and Judith Brown
Wendy Bruss
Bruce Burdick BS 61 Environmental Design and Susan Burdick
Marni Burns
Shirley Burton
Sioux Cann
Susan and Stephen Chandler
Margaret Leong Checca and Michael Checca
Clarion Corporation of America
Sherrill and Paul Colony
Jon Conrad BFA 82 Illustration and Elaine Conrad
Carolyn Oliver and Brent Covey
Hilary Crahan
Michele McGarry Crahan
David Kordansky Gallery
Yvonne de C. Segerstrom
Design Studio Press
Linda Stewart Dickason
Jennifer and Royce Diener
Louise Dougherty
Annette and Dan Ermshar
Georgianna Erskine
Express Bite/FoodHub.LA
Sue and James Femino
Valerie Foster Hoffman
Caren Furbeyre BFA 83 Fine Art, MFA 90 Art and Erle Furbeyre BFA 83 Advertising
Thomas Gilmore MS 17 Industrial Design and Agnes Chu
Jered Gold and Nickolas Teague
Eunice Erb Goodan
Elaine and Hans Graber
James Grace
Harriet and Max Green
Kelsey Browne Hall
Emily and Henry Hancock
Henry Harada BFA 49 Photography
LeAnn and Michael Healy
Carol and Warner Henry
Hitter Family Foundation BS 69 Product Design
Heidi Hockenberry
Karen Hofmann BS 97 Product Design
Joan and John Hotchkis
Donald Huie BS 62 Product Design
Nancy and Carl Hulick
Wayne Hunt (Honorary Alumnus) and Carla Walecka
Ann Hazeltine
Chi-Ho In BS 90 Product Design, MS 93 Industrial Design
Barbara and Frank Jameson
The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles
Jerry Johnson BFA 59 Advertising and Nancy Johnson
Robert Johnson BFA 90 Graphic/Packaging
Stephen Kanter, M.D.
Patricia Ketchum
Hiro Kimura BFA 81 Illustration
Stan Kong BS 83 Product Design and Lisa Kong
Amelia and David Lamb
Kay and David Linden
Shelly and Dennis Lowe
Kaholyn and Carson McKissick
Gary Meyer BFA 59 Illustration and Hiroko Meyer
Jerrine and Thomas Mitchell
Mary Beth and Luke Montoya
Darryl Mori
Seeley W. Mudd Foundation
The Estate of Elise Mudd Marvin
Jill and David Muhs
Ann and Peter Murphy
Katherine Murray-Morse and Doug Morse
Franklin Story Musgrave
Maggie and Ralph Navarro
Mei-Lee Ney
Cory Noonan BFA 93 Advertising
Mary Adams O'Connell and Kevin O'Connell
Laura and Edward O'Connor
Shelley Short BS 85 Product Design and Andy Ogden BS 83 Transportation Design
Annette and Peter O'Malley
Gasper Patrico and Melissa Almon
Eric Jany BS 78 Environmental Design and Pamela Perkins Jany
Peggy Phelps
James Powers BS 56 Transportation Design
Melina and Barry Pyle
Winnie Reitnouer
Gloria Renwick
Louise and Robert Ritchie
Lawrence Rodgers BS 77 Transportation Design
Paul Rogers BFA 80 Illustration
Vicky and David Rogers
Jerry Rosenstock
Betty Sargent
Janet and Raymond Scherr
Robert and Mary Schureman
David Shannon BFA 83 Illustration and Heidi Shannnon
Koo Ho Shin MS 12 Industrial Design
Joni and Clark* Smith
Abby Stalfors
Janet and Alan Stanford
Barbara Mann Steinwedell and Bill Steinwedell
Janet Stratford Davis BFA 74 Advertising and Peter Crosby
Charlotte Streng
Ginny and David Sydorick
Kelly and Mark Talt
Joe Tan BS 94 Product Design
Clare and Christopher Tayback
Laney and Tom Techentin
Geneva and Charles Thornton
Joe Tseng BS 96 Product Design
Andrea and John* Van de Kamp
Joyce Ward
Carolyn Watson
Judy Webb
Valerie and Aaron Weiss
Pae White MFA 91 Art and Tom Marble
Victoria and Norman* Williamson
Nina and Stephen Winterbottom
Gretchen Wustrack BS 99 Product Design
Timothy and Nicky Yanke
Jeffrey Zwart BFA 79 Photography and Terri Zwart


(7 Anonymous)
Meredith Abbott BFA 62 Illustration
Gillan Abercrombie BFA 88 Illustration and Gregory Frame
Gene Albert BFA 57 Photography and Aileen Albert
Roy Alder BFA 60 Advertising
Joseph Alexander
Charles Allen, Jr. BS 68 Product Design
Davis Ammons BS 65 Product Design and Virginia Ammons
Katherine Amyx BFA 89 Graphic Design and Kirk Amyx BFA 86 Photography
Sherry An MS 14 Environmental Design
Natalie Anaston BFA 93 Advertising
Apple, Inc.
Christian Arndt
ArtCenter 100
Christopher Ayers
Laura and John Babcock
Oksana Badrak BFA 01 Illustration
Denyse Barbas BFA 71 Photography
Alison Barnes Martin BFA 89 Photography and Richard Martin
Alan Barrington BS 01 Transportation Design
Diane and Arthur Barry
Jeannie and Kurt Beckmeyer
Deborah and Jeff Benedict
Marta Betancourt-Prince
The Estate of Edward (Ted) Bethune BFA 50 Advertising
Jane Bhang BFA 94 Illustration and Julius Bhang BS 95 Environmental Design
Mac Billups BS 69 Environmental Design and Carolyn Billups
Bimmer Magazine
Black Box, LLC
Lisa Blair
Bobby Griffin Memorial Art Award
Bonnie Boettcher Briggs BFA 68 Advertising and Robert Briggs BS 69 Product
Darcy Bondurant
Juanita and Archie Boston
Gail Bove BS 73 Product Design
Kristine Bowne
Ronald-James Braithwaite BFA 69 Advertising
Tim Brehm BFA 71 Photography and Priscilla Brehm
Ashley Brown BS 95 Transportation Design
Victor and Donna Brown
Martin Bruinsma BFA 87 Illustration
Barbara Bundy
Bill Burchett
Lorraine Triolo and Jeff Burke
Jeff Burne BFA 82 Advertising and Nancy Burne
Gayle Burns
Ricardo Caillet-Bois Graphic/Packaging
Karen Cangialosi and Gregory Jones
Mary and Frank Carone
Mia Carpenter BFA 56 Advertising
Dana Caruso
Andy Caulfield BFA 78 Photography
Sylvia Chan BFA 79 Advertising
Leticia and Leonel Chavez
Chukyee Cheng BFA 79 Graphic/Packaging and Kenneth Cheng Advertising
Judy Chin
Wendy and Michael Churukian
Mikel Cirkus BFA 86 Advertising and Christine Cirkus
Wayne Clark BFA 78 Graphic/Packaging
Mark Clarke
Eleanor Cohen Louis BFA 89 Illustration
Gail Cohen
Russ Cohen BFA 88 Advertising and Constance Cohen
Brent Collins BS 87 Product Design
Jason Covington
Le Roy Cripps BS 60 Product Design and Winifred Cripps
Ann Cutting BFA 87 Photography and Thomas Soulanille
Dan Gurney's All American Racers, Inc.
Ray David BFA 11 Advertising
Barbara Davis Reynolds BFA 80 Illustration and R.B. Reynolds
Irene DeBerry BFA 97 Advertising
Margi and Bill Denton
Michael Diehl BFA 73 Advertising and Patty Diehl
Keiko Doi BFA 97 Fine Art
Dorothy & John Matthiessen (Dorothy Matthiessen Interiors)
Judy and Miguel Duenas
Laine Dunham BFA 81 Illustration
eBay Foundation
Tim Effler BFA 79 Illustration and Paula Effler
Julien Egger BS 98 Product Design
Laurence Eggers
Gary Eggleston BFA 78 Illustration
Ellen Eisner
Arthur Ellsworth BS 57 Product Design and Ann Ellsworth
Jennifer Essen BS 03 Environmental Design
Laura Lee Evans BS 96 Environmental Design
Leslie Evans MS 13 Industrial Design
Paul W. Evans
Kevin Falk BS 85 Product Design and Tonya Falk
Rosa Farrer
Bill Ferris BFA 84 Photography and Marsha Donaldson
Marvin Fisher BS 67 Transportation Design
James Foley
Erika and Brett Foy
Steven Fukuda BFA 93 Graphic/Packaging
Cathy Gabourie
Daniel Gambito BFA 93 Film
Gilbert Garcia BS 71 Product Design
Beverly Geck BFA 57 Illustration and William Geck BFA 57 Photography
Earl Gee BFA 83 Graphic/Packaging
Elissa Gee MS 16 Environmental Design
Mary Gerke*
Bruce Geyman BS 65 Product Design and Nan Dearborn
Clifford Ghetti BS 67 Transportation Design
Cheryl Gillies
Robert Goes BFA 87 Graphic/Packaging
Walter Gollwitzer BS 63 Product Design and Jo Ann Gollwitzer
Paula Goodman
Greg O'Loughlin BFA 85 Photography
David Griffiths BS 65 Product Design
Jesus Guacamaya
Ronald Gustafson
Tom Hale BS 66 Product Design and Fran Hale
Richard Haluschak
Christine Hanson
Patrick Harper BFA 64 Illustration
Richard Hatch BS 67 Product Design and Mary Hatch
Brian Havard BS 68 Product Design
Devin Hawker BFA 84 Film
Allen Hawthorne BS 61 Product Design
Marguerite Hennacy
Joseph Henry and S. Stanley Gordon
Jack Hermsen BFA 72 Advertising
Katie and Steven High
Ron Hill BS 54 Transportation Design and Phyllis Hill
Carole and Peter Hobbins
Allison Holdorff Polhill and Lucius Polhill
Kathy and Steve Hoskins
Martino Hoss BFA 87 Advertising and Maura Hoss
Michael Humphries
Kerry Hyatt BFA 08 Illustration and Philippe Martinez BS 06 Transportation Design
Jessica Lo BFA 03 Illustration
Intel Corporation
Louis Jacobs Jr. BFA 50 Photography
Diane McCarthy and Masoud Jafari
Gabrielle Jennings MFA 94 Art and Ethan Johnson
Glade Johnson BS 69 Transportation Design
Luke Johnson MFA 09 Media Design Practices
Marlies and Bernd Kaehlitz
Yasushi Kato BS 90 Transportation Design
Kathryn Kennedy
Tracy Kerr
Tatsuro Kiuchi BFA 91 Illustration and Mieko Kiuchi
Marcus Koosmann Photography
Randolph Kupres BFA 81 Illustration and Nadine Kupres
Laird Norton Real Estate, Inc.
Paula Langan BFA 73 Advertising
George Larkins II BFA 93 Photography
Carol Larson BFA 96 Illustration and Charles Larson
Lynn Latta BFA 88 Advertising
Kathy and Daniel Lau
Sandra Law BFA 83 Advertising and Chuck Law
William Lawrence BS 67 Transportation Design
Elaine Lax
Margo Leavin
Carter Lee BS 85 Environmental Design and Sophia Lee
Jaekyung Lee BS 13 Entertainment Design
Wendee Lee BS 02 Product Design
Michael Levasheff BFA 75 Photography
Glenn Levy BFA 66 Advertising and Natalie Levy
Richard R. Lewellen BS 58 Product Design
David Ligare BFA 65 Illustration
Hua Ling BS 94 Environmental Design and Ivan Chu
Carol and Sarah Lobb
Fanny and Raymond Louey
Lucas Automotive
Jeffrey MacMillan BFA 90 Photography
Frederick Magaldi BFA 66 Transportation Design and Mary Ellen Magaldi
Jay Malloy BS 84 Product Design and Vivian Terr
Matthew Manos MFA 12 Media Design Practices and Katherine Manos
Peter Marino* BS 61 Transportation Design
Pete McArthur BFA 82 Photography and Jennifer McArthur
Kimberly McCoy BFA 85 Graphic/Packaging
John McGee MFA 97 Art
Drew McGray
Charles McVicker BFA 57 Illustration and Lucy McVicker
Pablo Meyer BS 82 Product Design
Richard Moore BFA 68 Advertising and Noriko Moore
Ooty Moorehead BFA 07 Graphic Design
Toni Moran
Molly and Jaison Morgan
Jennifer Morita BFA 97 Advertising
Kimberlee Cozby Muenzer BS 81 Product Design and James Muenzer
Marina Naito BS 78 Product Design
David Nazarian MFA 04 Media Design Practices and Katharyn Nazarian
Garth Newberry BS 83 Transportation Design
Sue Nichols
Jenny Noa
Natalija Nogulich
The Northern Trust Company
Jennifer Olson
Sandra Faye Oppegard BFA 63 Illustration
Jane and James Orthwein
Ronn Osiecki BFA 58 Illustration
Lisa Ott Bottom BS 79 Environmental Design
Ted Owens BFA 81 Illustration
Randy Oxley BFA 95 Illustration
Robert Mesrop BFA 60 Advertising
Justine Limpus Parish Illustration
Lynzee Klingman and Richard Pearce
Robert Pedersen BFA 69 Advertising
Steven Peng MS 03 Industrial Design
Donald Personius BFA 53 Advertising
Susan Petelik
Vladi Petrov
Kathleen and Mark Phair
Darcy Pinelo BFA 95 Photography and Jose Pinelo
Ashley Pond
George Porcari BFA 86 Fine Art, MFA 87 Art
Paul Pruneau BFA 79 Graphic/Packaging
Jean Rasenberger MFA 92 Art
Julie Renfro BFA 94 Illustration and Michael Sivak BFA 94 Illustration
Coliena Rentmeester Photography and Tom Dey
Peter Rhoads BS 61 Product Design
Steven Rieman BS 74 Product Design and Ruth Rieman
Riot Games
River Valley Restoration, LLC
Rooz Design Inc.
Phillip Ross Graphic/Packaging
Nursyam and Rudy Rudianto
Stephen Russell
Sarah Russin
Shelley Sachs
San Marino League
Richard Saurer BS 65 Product Design
Leonard Schachner BS 65 Product Design
Joe Schmidt
Eileen and Fred Schoellkopf
Kenneth Schuster BFA 71 Photography
David Schwarz MFA 04 Media Design Practices
Jenny Scott
Gretchen and David C. Seager
Joseph Seibold BS 55 Product Design
David Sherman BS 00 Environmental Design
Maurice Sherrard BFA 58 Illustration and Barbara Sherrard
Mark and Margaret Shumate
Amanda and Greg Silverman
Skye Rentals, LLC
Clyde Smith II BFA 58 Illustration and Anne Smith
Ted Smith
Gordon Smith BFA 50 Photography
Pamela Smith BFA 81 Graphic/Packaging
Bunterng Soonthorn
Erne Soos BS 79 Environmental Design and Silvia Soos
Brittany and Joseph Sorrentino
Chuck Spangler*
Robin and Benjamin Stafford
Jenny Stephens
Brigitte and Frank Sterrett
David Stevens BFA 75 Graphic/Packaging
Terry Stone
Davidjohn Stosich BS 67 Product Design
Babette Strousse
Vanessa Stump BFA 00 Photography
Paula Sugarman BFA 84 Graphic/Packaging
Sylvia Sukop
Amy and Mark Swain
Kozo Takeuchi BFA 87 Photography
JoJo and Fred Diedrich
Paul Pruneau BFA 79 Graphic Design (Teamworks Communications, Inc.)
Keith Thorne* BS 70 Product Design
Susan and Michael Toth
Mary Toups
Samantha Tripodi BFA 89 Graphic/Packaging
Sam Tulin
Elinor and Rubin Turner
Steve Urban BFA 73 Photography
Jane and Theodore Valentine
Van Horn & Associates
Alex Vasquez
Gwen and Larry Walker
Dana L. Walker BFA 95 Photography
Judith and Roger Wallenstein
Fu-Chun Wan Product Design
Bud Warashina BS 71 Product Design
Bernard Ward
Jessica Watkins
Alan Weber BFA 76 Photography
Merryl and Stephen Weber
Kurt Weiss BFA 83 Photography
Sharon Whitley
Michael Winder
George Windrum* BS 52 Product Design
Diandra Wirjawan
James Wojcik BFA 81 Photography
Sionnan Hillier BFA 12 Fine Art
Edward Yamada BS 66 Environmental Design and Jo Ann Yamada
Diran Yazejian BS 59 Product Design
Charlie and Susan Yi
Helen Yoon BFA 11 Illustration
Diane Yoshimura
Ben Young BFA 62 Photography and Lynne Young
Nino Yuniardi BFA 97 Graphic/Packaging