Jeff Deacon

Transportation Design / Product Design


Jeff has experience in both prototyping and industrial design through nearly twenty years of practical, hands on projects  He  has mentored junior employees & managed sucessful projects of ten-months.  The context where his skills and processes were applied included medical, architectural, consumer electronics and even transportation/mobility projects.   Jeff's professional experience varies from consultancy to corporate business environments and occasional freelance client work.  The academic area of his career began in 2016, when Jeff was charged with teaching assignments at Art Center College.
His philosophy and his preference is to create and to iterate designs in 3D and to understand how 2D ideas translate to 3D solutions.  Often a magnitude of new or more powerful opportunities can be found with rigorous development into this third dimension.  And as humans, we appreciate and can best discuss the core of design development with tangible, 3D-Models and prototypes.  Those individuals who infuse craftmanship in their work prove to be atriculate designers - a commendable goal.


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