Richard Houston

Integrated Studies / Photography and Imaging / Illustration / Entertainment Design


Richard Houston is a full-time professor specializing in foundational education for Illustration, Fine Art, and Entertainment students. In addition to Art Center, Mr. Houston is a regular lecturer and educator for both the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Norton Simon Museum. He has developed programs for major exhibitions addressing a variety of subjects including Rembrandt, Gustav Klimt, Gustave Courbet, Classicism, Italian Baroque Painting, British Watercolor, Andrea del Sarto, J. M. W. Turner, Jean -Honoré Fragonard Drawings, Picasso Lithographs, and Japanese Ukiyo-e. Mr. Houston was the J. Paul Getty’s Artist in Residence for 2012 and has been teaching at Art Center since 2001.


  • Composition & Drawing
  • Composition & Painting
  • Painting 1
  • Analytical Figure Drawing