Barry Jackson



Barry Jackson''s production design credits include the Weinstein Co. feature film Escape from Planet Earth, the Warner Bros. feature film The Ant Bully, and the all-CG TV feature Firebreather for Cartoon Network, for which he won the 2011 Telly Award. Other screen credits include concept art for the all-digital feature Horton Hears a Who from 20th Century Fox, The Nightmare before Christmas from Disney, Shrek and The Prince of Egypt from DreamWorks, and Ron Howard's The Grinch. His first children's book, Danny Diamondback, has been published by Harper Collins, Jackson also served as writer/director of storyboards and animatics for two and a half years at Electronic Arts. He is employed at Yu and Co. in Los Angeles as a concept artist, matte painter, and After Effects compositor. His most recent art can be seen in the opening title sequence to The Great and Powerful Oz.