Ryan Perez

Integrated Studies / Fine Art


Ryan Perez lives and works in Los Angeles. The foundation of his art practice is rooted in the fundamentals of photography and sculpture. The conversation carried throughout his work engages the culturally inherent conventions of the tools used by society to synthesize cultural connectivity between objects and images. Though his work is nuanced with the deeply personal and culturally specific—his conceptual use of the readymade challenges the emotional affect of the suggestive and generalized. The supporting characters of his subjects depart from their place of origin and find kinship with foreign objects and images alike. Collectively, his work continues a visual conversation that is conscious of the slippery space of image-based representation, the image as a cultural construct, and the organism like attributes that images and objects take on while socialized and abstracted by society. Perez’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally; the Los Angeles Museum of Art; The UC Riverside Sweeney Art Gallery; Yautepec Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico; C24 Gallery, NY, NY; Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles; Samuel Freeman Gallery, Los Angeles; Control Room, The Brand Library Art Gallery, Glendale, CA.


  • Re-Thinking Art
  • Basics of Photo
  • Visiting Artist Program