Kazuko "Kaz" Matamura

Film / Graduate Film


Kaz Matamura has been a theatre director, producer, and acting coach in Los Angeles since 1997. 

Currently, she is the development director and youth program director at the Stella Adler Academy of Los Angeles and an adjunct professor at the Art Center of design in Pasadena (Acting for Film Directors).  

She co-founded the Secret Rose Theatre in North Hollywood in 1999, and founded the non-profit Fire Rose Productions in 2000.  She has produced over fifty events and festivals, established student exchange programs, and formed children’s readers theatre at local libraries and free children’s arts classes in 2000. 

She is a classical Japanese Dance master of the Fujima Souke school under the guidance of the legendary Fujima Kansuma. 

She has been acting as an onset coach on sitcoms and dramas - on CBS, NBC, and several feature films.   

Awards - as a director:  Artistic Directors Award (2002) California Traditional Music and Dance Fellowship (2003)  Women in Theatre Red Carpet Awards (2006)  Woodstock Guild Fellowship (2006)  Fred Vogel / CTI / Drama Biz Award(2007)