Julian Scaff

ArtCenter At Night / Graduate Trans Design / Humanities and Sciences / Interaction Design


Julian Scaff is a multi-disciplinary designer and futurist. His areas of expertise include interaction design, UX design, human-computer interaction, user research, usability testing, physical experience design, systems architecture, futurecasting and speculative futures design.

Early in his career, Julian worked as a designer for NASA/JPL and Idealab, and was a Design Director at JobTrak, Monster, and Interactivism. His recent clients include LegalZoom, Hitachi, Fidelity, Kratos, and the Carnegie Observatories. He currently works as an independent consultant and sits on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Blue Planet United.

Julian earned a BA in Media Studies at Pitzer College, an MA in Film and Television from UCLA, an MFA in Art and Design from the Dutch Art Institute, and a Certificate in HCI from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. He previously taught at UCLA, USC, VCU Qatar, LIU Beirut, Webster University Leiden, and LA Film School.


  • History & Futures of IxD
  • iXd for Future Mobility
  • HCI for Interaction Design
  • Intro to Ixd Mobility Wk2-8
  • IxD for Mobility Systems
  • Adv Interaction Studio