James Chu

Graphic Design / ArtCenter At Night / Product Design


Creative director, branding strategist, educator, speaker. Extensive experience in multi-disciplinary strategic design (product, branding, interaction, retail, environment, brand/user experience) and global brand strategy for prominent global brands and Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Nokia, Vertu, and Belkin.Successful track records in leading and building creative/branding teams, cross-functional collaborations, as well as client relationship management.


  • Bauhaus at 100 Studio 1
  • Bauhaus At 100 Studio 3
  • Bauhaus At 100 Studio 2
  • Bauhaus At 100: German Lang.
  • Product Design 7
  • Brand Experience Design
  • Comm Design 5: Transmedia
  • M2 Studio (Tactical Design)