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Liliana Becerra Piedrahita

Product Design


Liliana is a design & trend strategist, CMF Design expert, author and creative director, based in Los Angeles, California.

Her latest book: CMF Design - The Fundamental Principles of Colour, Material and Finish Design published by Frame, is the first global publication about the CMF Design discipline which, has positioned her as an influential authority in the field.

In 2008, she founded STUDIO LILIANA BECERRA Inc., a design firm advising international companies and brands on strategic trend foresight and advanced CMF Design. Recent clients include: Simple Human, Nestle, Lenovo, Zodiac Aerospace, Sage Automotive, BlackBerry, Dell and Sonos.

Formerly, Liliana served as the Global Head of Design Insights at Nokia where she was responsible for leading global, multi-disciplinary teams, trend research initiatives and key design strategies that Nokia implemented into world class products. She also created the first team in Nokia fully dedicated to Advanced CMF Design.

Since 2007 she serves as faculty of product design at Art Center College of Design, where besides creating new curriculum and being instrumental to the creation of CMTEL - Color, Materials and Trends Exploration Lab - she also teaches different classes including Color & Material Design, Design Research and Design Insights.

She is an expert editorial contributor to important design publications including Viewpoint Design, Viewpoint Color, Hello Materials Blog and Bitácora Magazine. She has been a guest curator for the Danish Design Center and her work has been exhibited at international venues including the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York.

Liliana has been a guest speaker at several events including: Women in Industrial Design forum, Bold Symposium for Creative Entrepreneurs and International Design Research Congress. She has lectured at different universities including Domus Academy in Milan, Tama Art University in Japan, Lapland University in Finland, National University in Colombia and DUOC Chile.

Through her collaboration with Art Center, Liliana has also pioneered in developing design research strategies for projects focused on "Design for Social Impact" in collaboration with Designmatters. She was awarded the IDSA Bronze award 2011 in the Design Strategy category for the project Safe Agua, which, has also been exhibited in several national and international venues including the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York.