Dennis Campbell

Entertainment Design / Product Design / Transportation Design


Beginning his career as a clay modeler with the Ford Motor Company, Professor Dennis Campbell apprenticed in the Lincoln Mercury and Mustang/Cougar studios in Dearborn Michigan.

Upon attaining a BFA in Industrial Design from the Art School of The Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts (Now the College for Creative Studies), he joined the Chrysler Corporation, contributing to the designs of Dodge and Chrysler production vehicles including the “K” platform-based 1984 Laser/Daytona Sports Coupe before leaving Detroit to join Toyota in Sothern California.

During his 25 years with Calty Design Research Inc. as a Studio Chief Designer, his responsibilities included the creation and management of advanced concept designs and show car development directly influencing the look of Toyota and Lexus vehicles from the 1990’s through the introduction of the FJ Cruiser show car in 2003.

Dennis has been a full time faculty member with the Transportation Design Department since 2005.


  • Development of Form
  • Transportation Studio 4A
  • Study Models (TRAN)