Ronald Llanos

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Ronald is a born and raised Angeleno. In his early years, Ronald observed urban life in Huntington Park and in downtown Los Angeles, where he lived near MacArthur Park. Those early experiences of urban life left in indelible impression on him. He later studied art and design at Art Center in Pasadena. Since then, Ronald has had exhibitions at numerous galleries in the U.S. and has had his work appear in several publications. His work is owned by many collectors. Recently, he was commissioned to draw and design artwork for the Los Angeles Metro Expo/Western Station of the Expo Lightrail Line where he has 24 large-scale mosaic panels depicting people and scenes inspired by the neighboring environments.

The American artist John Sloan once said: “Art is a result of a creative impulse derived out of a consciousness of life”. Just as Sloan observed and depicted early 20th century transient city life in New York, Ronald shares his enthusiam to depict the urban inhabitants of modern-day Los Angeles. Honore’ Daumier is another influence, yet, he documented mid-19th century Parisian city life.


  • Character Design
  • Head Drawing
  • Illustration
  • Head Drawing Workshop
  • Charac. Costume Figure Drawing
  • Introduction to Figure Drawing
  • Drawing Workshop
  • Composition & Drawing
  • Sketching for Illustration