Student work from Drawing with Color

Drawing with Color


Learn the fundamentals of color relationships and their use in composition. Explore the nature of various mediums— markers, colored pencils, ink and wash, acrylic paint and mixed media—and learn how best to use them. You will have the opportunity to work on observational as well as imaginative projects. This course is a great starting point for anyone interested in painting or illustration. Estimated cost of materials: $100

Head Painting

Head Painting


In this class, perfect for beginners and seasoned students alike, you will start by learning about early painting techniques and expressing the planes of the human head with only two colors. Later, you will move on to utilizing the full color palette as you study the structure of the individual features of the face. The class will conclude with an exploration of dramatic lighting situations, capturing likeness and developing your own personal expression. Estimated cost of materials: $90

Professional Car Design: The Basics Workshop - Intro to Sketching (Self-Paced; Online)

Professional Car Design: The Basics Workshop - Intro to Sketching (Self-Paced; Online)

Professional Car Design: The Basics Workshop - Intro to Sketching
(Self-Paced; Online) Cost: $49

In this introductory sketching workshop, you’ll learn the basics of sketching, shading, perspective, and geometric forms. Experiment with various sketching tools including Prismacolor pencils and Copic markers. This 4-week online course is completely self-paced, meaning you set your own schedule and work at your own speed. Click 
here for more information.
Student work from Creature Design

Creature Design


Learn the different methods used to develop believable creatures and monsters for the entertainment industry
 such as film, video games, TV, and animation. Working from photographic reference of animals and nature, learn how to combine the fundamentals of design, anatomy, form, storytelling, costume, and character development to create original sketches and renderings of beastly quadrupeds, bloodthirsty bipeds, and large-scale leviathans. With an introductory level of drawing and painting techniques, this is an ideal class for aspiring concept designers, illustrators, animators or students considering ArtCenter’s undergraduate Entertainment Design as a major. Estimated cost of materials: $45
Dynamic Drawing

Dynamic Drawing


Explore rapid visualization techniques using ink, pens, markers and other related mediums. Learn to control your lines and line weights while drawing with line economy in a quick visual descriptive style. Develop your observation and perspective skills and strengthen your ability to communicate ideas and thoughts through drawings. Assignments will range from simple consumer products and complex industrial items to environmental settings and fantasy expressions. If you’re interested in product design, transportation design, illustration, fine art or entertainment design, this class is for you. Estimated cost: $40 for materials 

COVID-19 update 06/08/2022
ArtCenter remains committed to maintaining a culture of safety and throughout the pandemic has communicated and collaborated with City of Pasadena and County of Los Angeles Public Health offices in the decisions made. We understand the pandemic is still very present and dangerous, and we are continually evaluating and updating our policies and protocols in accordance with public health orders and Cal OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard.

The following guidelines will be implemented to keep everyone on campus as safe as possible.

  • When you arrive on campus, you will be asked to sign in at the Security Desk with your email address and  student name attending the class.
  • All students are asked to upload their vaccination records one week before the start of the summer session through this link.
  • Following a briefing for institutes of higher education from the LA County Department of Public Health, considering the recent surge of coronavirus cases locally, and in line with other local institutions, ArtCenter requires wearing a mask on campus.  
      • Face coverings must be worn according to CDC guidelines which require wearers to cover the mouth and nose. Recommended styles are KN95, KF94, or N95.  Cloth masks or masks with exhaust valves are NOT permitted. If you forget your mask when you arrive at ArtCenter, we will provide one for you. Hand sanitizer will also be available.
      • Please stay home if you have cough, chills, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, fever (100 degrees or higher), shortness of breath, headache, muscle pain, or loss of taste or smell. 
  • Guardians dropping-off or picking -up students will be required to show proof of vaccinations at the doors. If vaccination records are unavailable, they can still access campus but they will be required to wear a mask.
  • PARKING: Please park at the south end of the 950 South Raymond Ave Parking lot. Then walk your child across the tracks and enter the 1111 Building on Arroyo Parkway. 

For campus access and COVID-19 related information please visit:


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