Head Painting

Head Painting


In this class, perfect for beginners and seasoned students alike, you will start by learning about early painting techniques and expressing the planes of the human head with only two colors. Later, you will move on to utilizing the full color palette as you study the structure of the individual features of the face. The class will conclude with an exploration of dramatic lighting situations, capturing likeness and developing your own personal expression. Estimated cost of materials: $90

Professional Car Design: The Basics Workshop - Intro to Sketching (Self-Paced; Online)

Professional Car Design: The Basics Workshop - Intro to Sketching (Self-Paced; Online)

Professional Car Design: The Basics Workshop - Intro to Sketching
(Self-Paced; Online) Cost: $49

In this introductory sketching workshop, you’ll learn the basics of sketching, shading, perspective, and geometric forms. Experiment with various sketching tools including Prismacolor pencils and Copic markers. This 4-week online course is completely self-paced, meaning you set your own schedule and work at your own speed. Click 
here for more information.
Dynamic Drawing

Dynamic Drawing


Explore rapid visualization techniques using ink, pens, markers and other related mediums. Learn to control your lines and line weights while drawing with line economy in a quick visual descriptive style. Develop your observation and perspective skills and strengthen your ability to communicate ideas and thoughts through drawings. Assignments will range from simple consumer products and complex industrial items to environmental settings and fantasy expressions. If you’re interested in product design, transportation design, illustration, fine art or entertainment design, this class is for you. Estimated cost: $40 for materials 

Student work from Drawing with Color

Drawing with Color


Learn the fundamentals of color relationships and their use in composition. Explore the nature of various mediums— markers, colored pencils, ink and wash, acrylic paint and mixed media—and learn how best to use them. You will have the opportunity to work on observational as well as imaginative projects. This course is a great starting point for anyone interested in painting or illustration. Estimated cost of materials: $100

Student work from Creature Design

Creature Design


Learn the different methods used to develop believable creatures and monsters for the entertainment industry
 such as film, video games, TV, and animation. Working from photographic reference of animals and nature, learn how to combine the fundamentals of design, anatomy, form, storytelling, costume, and character development to create original sketches and renderings of beastly quadrupeds, bloodthirsty bipeds, and large-scale leviathans. With an introductory level of drawing and painting techniques, this is an ideal class for aspiring concept designers, illustrators, animators or students considering ArtCenter’s undergraduate Entertainment Design as a major. Estimated cost of materials: $45

COVID-19 update 11/21/2022

ACX Teens courses this term will be taught in person and remotely.

Summer 2023 for ACX Teens classes that meet on campus:

ArtCenter will continue vaccination requirements. However, starting January 1, 2023, individuals who are fully vaccinated (primary series plus one booster dose), have the option to not wear a mask while indoors or outdoors on campus. See in-person protocols here.


For all ACX Teens students with online courses:
Vaccination records are not required unless your class has an in-person component.

Summer 2023 registration begins March 13; classes begin Saturday, June 3.

*Course List does not include classes canceled due to low enrollment. To view all courses offered during the year, please visit the
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