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What is Saturday High, and who can attend?
Art Center's Saturday High program offers a variety of classes in art and design for high school students in grades 9 through 12. Learn more about us.
Do I need a portfolio to apply to Saturday High?
There is no admissions review process to participate in Saturday High, and portfolio submission is only necessary for some scholarship applicants or to waive a prerequisite. Learn more about scholarships.
How often do classes meet, and how long is a term? Do you offer summer classes?
Most classes meet Saturdays for 10-week terms held in the fall, spring and summer. Check individual class descriptions for specific meeting times and days.

In addition to our regular classes, we offer weeklong summer workshops June through August. Read summer workshop class descriptions here.
Are credits or grades awarded at the completion of Saturday High courses?
Saturday High is a noncredit program, but grades are awarded at the conclusion of the class. For students enrolled in classes after summer 2007: grades are posted online, under . You will need your user name and password to log into your student account.
What is tuition, and are scholarships available?
See Tuition for more information.
There are a limited number of scholarships available for students who have financial need and display merit. Visit Scholarships for more information.
How and when do I register for Saturday High?
See How to Register for Saturday High, and check out our calendar for registration dates.
What supplies and materials do I need for class, and how much will they cost?
See Materials for a listing of supplies needed for the first day. Instructors will provide complete material information at the first class. Estimated costs are included in class descriptions to give students a general idea of how much they might be required to spend on materials.
I'm in the 8th grade—can I enroll in Saturday High? What if I'm a student who has already graduated from high school?
The program is open to students in grades 9 through 12. Students who have completed the 8th grade and will be entering 9th during the subsequent fall may sign up for the summer term of Saturday High.

Students who have recently graduated may enroll for the summer term immediately following graduation.
Can international students enroll in Saturday High?
Art Center welcomes international students to Saturday High; however, our program can not issue student visas. International students should also be aware that there is no on-campus housing, and students are responsible for providing their own transportation to campus.
I'm a teacher or youth organization leader. How can I get several of my students involved in Saturday High?
Contact the Saturday High office at 626.396.2319 to discuss enrolling a group of students with Saturday High.
How do I schedule an appointment with a Saturday High counselor?
Counseling appointments for students interested in Saturday High are made by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, email
I've mailed my registration form—how will I find out if my form was received, and if I was registered in my class of choice?
If we receive your application at least two weeks prior to the first day of class, you will receive a confirmation letter by mail approximately two weeks after we receive your completed registration form and full tuition payment. If one or more of your class selections is full, a staff member will notify you as soon as possible by phone. Registration forms received late in the registration period can be confirmed by calling the Saturday High office at 626.396.2319.
How can I add or drop a class to my existing schedule?
You can register for another class by submitting an online registration form or by submitting a written request to add a class. Additional tuition payment must accompany your request.

If it is necessary to drop any or all of your courses, you may submit a request to drop a class online via the Saturday High website. See How to Drop a Class.
What is the Saturday High refund policy?
A full refund will be given to students who withdraw from Saturday High via our website or by written notice before the start of classes. For 10-week classes, an 80 percent tuition refund will be given to students who drop a class within the first 14 days of the term. After this time, no refunds will be issued for dropped classes. For shorter classes or summer workshops, no refunds will be issued after the first class meeting. If you qualify for a refund, you will receive a refund check by mail approximately four to six weeks after your online or written request is received by the Saturday High office.
Where is Art Center located? How can I tour campus?
See directions or call 626.396.2246 for automated directions to the Art Center campuses. See tours for information on campus tours.
When will I receive a grade for classes taken at Saturday High?
Saturday High grades are posted online under . You will need your user name and password to log into your student account.
How can I get a transcript for Saturday High classes?
See transcripts. There are no transcripts available for Saturday High classes taken prior to June 1999. If proof of enrollment is required for classes completed prior to June 1999, contact the Saturday High office for a verification letter.
Who do I contact about an incorrect grade?
You should first verify your grade with Enrollment Services by calling 626.396.2314. If you feel you received an unfair grade, you may petition the instructor for a change. Grade Change forms can be obtained from the Saturday High office and must be signed by the instructor. All requests for grade changes must be submitted within 90 days of the end of the term in question.
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