Director's Letter

"Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." — ALBERT EINSTEIN

As parents, we are eager to help our children launch their lives by fostering good habits. To that end, we tend to focus on their academic achievements with the end goal of getting them into a good college.

While well meaning, we can’t let this focus overshadow the importance of their other needs. We need to make sure we’re allowing time for their journey of self-discovery, building their confidence by encouraging them to pursue their creative potential, and teaching them what it truly takes to succeed in life.

At ArtCenter, we believe an art and design education can improve children’s lives in many ways, from learning how to problem solve and experiment to promoting collaboration and inspiring career goals. But no benefit is more important than simply helping them see that they can make their imagination visible and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Here in ArtCenter for Kids, we motivate students to express themselves in new ways and discover their sources of inspiration. Our classes mirror the many disciplines offered at ArtCenter and are taught by members of the College’s community—faculty, alumni, undergraduate and graduate students—who encourage new ways of thinking, seeing and doing.

ArtCenter for Kids is open to students in grades 4–8 at the College’s Hillside and South campuses in Pasadena.

Join us on this journey to nurture our children’s creativity and help them become designers of their own world.

Paula Goodman
Director, K-12 Programs