Inclusive Futures: The Near-Future of Living & Working

November 17, 2021

IxD Inclusive Futures studio, taught by Associate Professor, Julian Scaff, blends futurecasting with human-centered design to explore the near future of living and working. From modern eco-modular homes to virtual remote offices to repurposing ancient building techniques, three visions emerge of more inclusive and sustainable relationships with work, life and technology. Published online and in book form this edition includes a foreword by Gordon Stott and the essay The Near Future of Living and Working by Julian Scaff.

  • Smart Office by Tobey Karpenko, Huangchen Qi, and Yujia Zhong
  • Smart Homes by Pengmao Li, Feng Ye, and Jiaying Wang
  • CalEarth by Dillon Chi, Mehar Nangia, and Mason Noboru