Creative Tech Week @ ArtCenter

October 29, 2021

ArtCenter’s Creative Tech Week highlighted the College’s influence on creative technology and the expanding roles of artists and designers in the field.


The program  outlined  pathways for students to engage with creative technology through classes, internships and careers, and share insights on key trends, challenges and opportunities. Educators, artists, designers, technologists, students and the general public joined the weeklong event

  • What is Creative Tech? Code, Computation, Electronics, AI + Machine Learning, Extended Reality, Digital Creation and Digital Communication.
  • How do Artists and Designers work and lead in Creative Tech? Collaborate, combine, mix, redefine, and author projects in a world underwritten in technology
  • How has ArtCenter contributed to the field of Creative Tech in the past and how will we shape its future?
  • How are Creative Technologists developing tools to promote inclusivity and diversity?
  • What is the practical impact of Creative Tech on career paths and new opportunities?

All our keynote conversations are now available on video, including:

Introducing Creative Tech at ArtCenter and Opening Keynote: Neuroaesthetics and the Future of Experience

Karen Hofmann will open Creative Tech Week with an introduction to ArtCenter and its remarkable legacy in the field of Creative Technology. Immediately following, Ivy Ross will present the program’s opening keynote address. Neuroaesthetics and the Future of Experience: How is creative technology connecting human experience to the physical environment and how can perceptions of sound, light, color and texture enhance and augment spaces for work, rest and play? Join Ivy for an overview of Neuroaesthetics with key insights for artists and designers seeking to explore this new and evolving field between design, body and mind.


Future of Making

What are the tools, technologies and workflows required to practice as a creative technologist? Join industry leaders for a deep dive into the future of making. Speakers: Arnie Martin, Associate Professor, ArtCenter; Elise Co, Cofounder, Aeolab and ArtCenter Faculty; Safir Bellali, Senior Director Advanced Digital Creation, VF Corp and ArtCenter Faculty; Chris Hacker(Moderator), Chair, Product Design, ArtCenter


Creative Tech Journeys from Startup to CEO

How does a creative mindset and a foundation in design enable leadership in technology? Join La Mer and Magdalena in a conversation that on will highlight their unique experiences in creative tech spanning consultancies, corporation and startups. Speakers: La Mer Walker, Cofounder and Chief Creative Officer, Valence; Magdalena Paluch, CEO, Lab Twin;Kristine Bowne (Moderator)

C4PTCH4 TH1S: Poetry, BOTS, Humans and Language

Poets Allison Parrish and Sam Creely discuss the increasing complexity of a conversation when visual or written language is transcribed into a digital environment. Whether a poem created through machine-based learning or a notated dance, conversations made through technology still contain the explicit structures and artifacts of their original language.

*C4PTCH4 TH1S sessions are presented in partnership with Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography. Speakers: Allison Parrish, Poet, Programmer, Assistant Arts Professor, NYU ITP/IMA; Sam Creely, Poet, ArtCenter Faculty; Prof. Gloria Kondrup (Moderator), Executive Director, HMCT, ArtCenter Faculty

Speculative Studio

Explore Beatie’s creative process and collaborative practice that connects art, design, science, technology and music to new ways of seeing. Speaker: Beatie Wolfe, Musician and Artist and Maggie Hendrie

Responsible Practice: Crafting Emergent Technology

Perspective from enterprise designers on the adoption and integration of technology in the research, development and launch of new products and services. When tools and technology are emergent, how can designers navigate potential outcomes, predict challenges and work to protect users from negative experiences? What are some of the approaches and questions you apply when considering new technologies and how can these help designers and collaborative teams avoid unintentional consequences? Speakers: JD Buckley, Senior Director Service Design, Service Titan and ArtCenter Faculty; Kevin Simmons, Service Designer, Volvo Group; Azeez Alli, Product Designer, Netflix; Product Designer, Netflix; Robbie Nock(Moderator), Director, Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice, ArtCenter

Creative Tech Futures

“New operating systems, programming languages and spatial apps will be birthed from the ashes of our old systems. Technologies will become more aware, cognitive and adaptive and will connect us once more to a core of what makes us human: our empathy.” Iddris Sandu from “Inclusive Futures, 2021” in collaboration with Julian Scaff.  Speakers: Iddris Sandu, Founder, Halt Labs; Founder, SpatiaLABs and Founder, ethosDNA; Julian Scaff, Associate Professor, ArtCenter; Maggie Hendrie (Moderator), Chair, Interaction Design and Graduate Media Design