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Environmental Design

Environmental Design focuses on the total spatial experience—from the first moment of encounter to the last moment of interaction.

We pursue a global sense of industry-driven design that investigates every aspect of where and how people live, work and play.

Environmental Design

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Designers need to study current trends and historical influences in order to re-examine how we can interface with the future.

David MocarskiChair, Environmental Design
Environmental Design

In the Making

Los Angeles is home to some of the countries more influential upstart galleries and design institutions.


Jenny Myers

Myers is a Los Angeles-based architect with international experience spanning more than 10 years in architecture, furniture and accessories.

Environmental Design / Careers

Our emphasis on spatial experiences makes graduates leaders in the areas of furniture, lighting and interior/exterior living component design.

  • Architectural Office
  • Art Gallery Design
  • Branded Experience
  • Color Trends and Materials
  • Contract Design
  • Entertainment Production Design
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Event Design
  • Exhibition and Tradeshow Design
  • Film Set Design
  • Gaming Virtual Space Design
  • Interior Product Design
  • Museum Design
  • Residential Design
  • Retail and Hospitality Design
  • Theatrical Set Design

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