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Graduate Transportation Systems and Design
Graduate Transportation Systems and Design

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Our students develop compelling, sustainable and viable transportation and mobility solutions for an inspired future.

Our Master of Science program has been designed to attract students passionate about the automotive industry and the expansive field of transportation and personal mobility. The innovative curriculum encourages creativity and strategic thinking to create compelling transportation solutions for the automotive industry at a systems level, rather than a product level.



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There’s an urgent need for a new kind of transportation designer, one who understands that the real value of design stretches way beyond styling. This is what Transportation Systems and Design is all about.

Geoff WardleChair, Transportation Systems and Design

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Future Road Trip: Autospaces 2025 to Explore the Changing Automotive Landscape


Timothy Huntzinger

Huntzinger is a freelance mobility designer who’s worked with Boeing Commercial Airplanes, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, GE Energy, 3M and LEGO.

Los Angeles offers unparalleled opportunities in the fields of automotive design, technology, societal trends and more.

Transportation Systems and Design / Careers

We equip designers to envision integrated transportation systems, not just technologies that solve parts of the problem. Our holistic approach to tackling complex transportation issues centers around innovating new systems and technologies that will lead us into a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Shape your future in our Graduate Transportation Systems and Design program.