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Graduate Industrial Design
Graduate Industrial Design

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Our students learn to develop design solutions to today’s most complex and unstructured problems in business, enterprise and social innovation.

ArtCenter’s “Grad ID” program offers a Master of Science curriculum combining the pursuit of extraordinary design and making skills with the knowledge, theories and methods essential to developing innovation for enterprise and creating new business opportunities. Students learn a creative process that takes a systems-level view and strives to balance the business, technological and human aspects of any challenge.


Companies have a great need for creative professionals who have the ability to understand their unique issues from a systems point of view.

Andy OgdenChair, Graduate Industrial Design

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Steve Montgomery

Montgomery is an industrial designer specializing in life science and healthcare product development, including surgical tools, and diagnostic and monitoring equipment.


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Los Angeles offers unparalleled opportunities in the fields of design, technology, societal trends and more.

Industrial Design / Careers

ArtCenter’s Graduate Industrial Design program prepares graduates for professional fields with an ever-expanding potential for advancement in growth industries. We ensure that graduates are able to take on the kinds of complex and unstructured problems companies are likely to face.

Shape your future in our Graduate Industrial Design program.