Lectures and Workshops

Creative Tech Week

Monday, October 11, 2021
Friday, October 15, 2021

ArtCenter’s Creative Tech Week highlights the College's influence on creative technology and the expanding roles of artists and designers in the field.

The program will define pathways for students to engage through classes, internships and careers, and share insights on key trends, challenges and opportunities. Educators, artists, designers, technologists, students and the general public are invited to join. Keynotes, presentations and discussion will address:

  • What is Creative Tech? Code, Computation, Electronics, AI + Machine Learning, Extended Reality, Digital Creation and Digital Communication.
  • How do Artists and Designers work and lead in Creative Tech? Collaborate, combine, mix, redefine and author projects in a world underwritten in technology.
  • How has ArtCenter contributed to the field of Creative Tech in the past and how will we shape its future?
  • How are Creative Technologists developing tools to promote inclusivity and diversity?
  • What is the practical impact of Creative Tech on career paths and new opportunities?

Schedule Overview

  • Monday, Oct 11: Creative Technology at ArtCenter
    Tuesday, Oct 12: Perspectives from Our Global Creative Community
    Wednesday, Oct 13: Creative Tech: New Modes of Storytelling
    Thursday, Oct 14: Technology and Human Creativity
    Friday, Oct 15: Future Futures