Academic Events

ArtCenter Design Invitational

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Returning to its roots as a show by and for the ArtCenter community, ArtCenter is inviting alumni, industry partners, and select car collectors to exhibit their vehicles and reveal stories behind the design with current and prospective students as they seek to become the next generation of transportation designers.

The ArtCenter Design Invitational gives current and prospective students a chance to meet the creators of some of the world’s most iconic automobiles and get an up-close-and-personal look at a carefully curated selection of 25–30 futuristic concepts, cutting-edge vehicles and classic cars. Returning emcees Dave Kunz and Ed Justice, Jr. will help to bring out the unique stories of each vehicle through live interviews with the designers and students will be encouraged to engage in the discussion.

Please note, the ArtCenter Design Invitational is closed to the general public. ArtCenter’s annual Car Classic will return next year in a new location—ArtCenter’s South Campus—as we prepare to offer a sneak peek at the College’s new Mullin Transportation Design Center set to open in Fall 2023.

Attention News Media: As an invitation-only event, press passes are not available. Journalists who are committed to telling the ArtCenter story and writing about the ArtCenter Design Invitational as an educational and inspirational event for current and prospective Transportation Design students, are asked to submit a pitch to pressoffice@artcenter.edu. Submissions will be reviewed and approved on an individual basis. We appreciate your understanding.