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Environmental Design 

Environmental design is more than objects and places. It’s about the total spatial experience—from the first moment of encounter to the last moment of interaction. As an Environmental Design student at ArtCenter, you’ll work on projects touching on every aspect of where and how people live, work and play, while fusing elements of architecture, interior design, branded retail, hospitality, exhibition design and residential design. You’ll have opportunities to study abroad, engage in social impact projects, and collaborate on multidisciplinary industry sponsored projects. And when you graduate, you’ll be ready to lead in the fields of furniture, lighting, materials innovation and sustainability.

There's more information about Environmental Design on our website, including an overview of our course offerings, faculty and alumni, and a gallery of student work.

Degree Programs

Earn your BS degree in Environmental Design

Department Chair

David Mocarski
As principal of interdisciplinary design studio Arkkit Forms Design, Mocarski has explored the boundaries of the creative process for more than thirty-five years.

Financial Aid

We encourage you to apply for financial aid, which can help make an ArtCenter education a reality for you.

Los Angeles

Home turf for creativity, innovation and possibility.

We pursue a global sense of industry-driven design that investigates every aspect of where and how people live, work and play.

David MocarskiDepartment Chair, Environmental Design

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