Course Descriptions

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  • ACN-192

    Maya to Zbrush: 3D Character

    This new course bridges the gap between Maya and Zbrush software applications to keep students up to date with today's evolving entertainment industry. Understanding the 3D workflow is a vital skill needed for working in today's studio environment. You will start by using Maya to model a 3D humanoid character with perfect animation flow, then use Zbrush to further refine, sculpt, and paint your 3D models. Finish the course with a portfolio-ready 3D character model. This course will provide a good introduction into these applications and is ideal for students interested in Entertainment Design, or Illustration. Prerequisite: Digital Design 1 or by permission of an Art Center advisor. Prior figure drawing or character design experience recommended but not required.

    2 units

    Class regularly offered in Fall and Spring

  • ACN-530

    World Building ENT

    Visualize and create an imaginary world for entertainment industry in this introductory class. Cohesive world design is central to building intriguing levels and sets, as well as lands for games, movies and theme parks. Through engaging in fun drawing exercises on various "building block" subjects, students will be taken through research, observation, ideation process and designing from imagination. Class encourages originality in visual storytelling by establishing organizing principals such as genre, motif, climate, culture, etc., and will cover conceptual design from landscape and architecture, to characters and creatures that inhabit the world. Both traditional sketching and digital painting methods will be covered. Access to Photoshop, laptop, tablet and pen are highly recommended. An ideal portfolio class for aspiring entertainment design students or anyone looking to expand their horizons.

    Prerequisites: Intro to Figure Drawing and Perspective, or by permission of an ArtCenter advisor.

    2 units

    Class regularly offered in Fall and Spring