Course Descriptions

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  • ACN-401W

    Color in Photography

    Delve into a world of color! Through readings, critiques, lectures and assignments, we will explore color theories, how color is created, color as a cultural tool and the history of color photography. We will also examine technical and practical issues such as color balance, additive and subtractive systems, proper color correction, color management and lighting. Classroom discussions will cover a diverse group of artists, including Alfred Stieglitz, William Eggleston, James Welling, James Turrell, Lita Albuquerque, Anish Kapoor, Mark Rothko and Yves Klein.

    Prerequisite: Basics of Digital Photography or by permission of an ArtCenter advisor. Required: access to a camera with manual controls for exposure and color balance; digital camera is preferred although a film camera with manual controls can be us.

    1.5 units

    Class regularly offered in Fall, Spring and Summer

  • ACN-126

    Exploring Studio Lighting

    In this hands-on continuation of the Exploring Lighting class series, you will become familiar with studio lighting equipment (studio strobes, tungsten lighting, grip equipment, etc.). Projects will include still life photography, product photography and portraiture. Enrollment limited to 10 students.

    2 units

    Class regularly offered in Summer

  • ACN-152

    Intro to Filmmaking

    Learn the fundamental concepts and practices involved in filmmaking. In this course, directing and cinematography are closely linked and students explore methods that make a film play. Emphasis is on effective communication, storytelling and creative editing techniques for story enhancement. Students will make three short films. Required: access to a digital video camera and editing system (Art Center's cameras and computer lab facilities are not available for student use.

    2 units

    Class regularly offered in Fall, Spring and Summer

  • ACN-589W

    Powerful Presentations

    How to tell it so you can sell it. Whether you are a creative or business professional, you must learn to connect effectively with your audience and communicate your ideas in a compelling way. This inspirational workshop will help you hone one of the most critical and often overlooked skills that everyone must possess: the professional presentation. Learn how to take your presentation skills to the next level using words, voice, body language and visuals. Mastering these skills is vital to your professional success whether you are a designer, artist, entrepreneur or business leader.


    Class regularly offered in Fall, Spring and Summer

  • ACN-484W

    The Next Great Idea

    In this one-day workshop, you will develop a keen awareness and understanding of the methods that artists, designers, and copywriters use to grow their creativity, with special emphasis on creative problem solving in a visually-oriented workplace. Gain a better understanding of the creative process, simplified; from idea to final execution and how it differs from what most people do today; how to come up with a wide range of potential solutions for visuals and/ or written word; what to do to put yourself in a creative state of mind; and understand the differences between creative play and creative problem solving - and how both are necessary. Open to students and working professionals with an interest in advertising, illustration, fine art, graphic design, photography, film, and product design.


    Class regularly offered in Summer