Course Descriptions

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  • ACN-202

    Brand Experience Design

    In order to stay competitive and connected with their customers, today more and more brands are morphing into multi-threaded brands. Brands are now more relevant, personal and experiential in their customers' daily lives, which means branding strategists and interaction designers now need to play key roles in determining how they grow and thrive. In this course you will learn how to collaboratively build successful brands and deliver immersive experiences. You will use trends and consumer insights research, interaction design and branding strategy projects to deliver enriching experiences for your target audience. An ideal class for design professionals, branding strategists and corporate executives, as well as students applying to ArtCenter's full-time Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Advertising and Industrial Design degree programs.

    Prerequisites: Passion and creativity! Prior design experience or fundamental design coursework highly recommended. Basic computer skills and access to a tablet or computer (desk or laptop) are required.

    2 units

    Class regularly offered in Fall, Spring and Summer

  • ACN-485W

    Business of Art:Getting Start

    Eager to exhibit your work but not sure what steps to take? This no-nonsense seminar will help get you started. Topics include: setting goals, making connections, managing time, selling your work, and creating an action plan. Open to students and emerging artists who are looking to launch or refocus their art careers, find exhibition opportunities, etc.


    Class regularly offered in Fall, Spring and Summer

  • ACN-496W

    Forming the Dream: Cmc 2

    Now that you have completed Crafting a Meaningful Career, you are ready to progress to the next level. To do that, you will need to: define your goals; create your vision and mission statements; identify your market; research the impact of your concept in the marketplace; develop fee structures; and market your concept. To provide you with a roadmap to success, in this class you will begin the process of creating either a business plan or life plan. You will meet with your fellow classmates each week to refine and add value to your concept. And you will discover how others have met the challenges of creating a new way of life for themselves.


    Class regularly offered in Fall and Spring

  • ACN-497W

    Fulfilling the Dream: Cmc-3

    Building on the first two sections of this class, you will now be ready to address other important issues necessary to begin a successful new career. Continuing on the development of your business plan or life plan, you will address such issues as: forms of management; intellectual property; team building and communication; identifying the competition; identifying your competitive advantage; location; financing your new venture; and defining success. Once finished, you will have the tools necessary to proceed, confident that you have examined the necessary aspects of a fulfilling career, and ready to embrace a new career dimension of your own design.


    Class regularly offered in Spring and Summer

  • ACN-300W

    Invention Innovation: Products

    This course builds the skills independent designers need to develop, produce and distribute their own products. You will design and develop a product line and a manufacturing company, identify and secure intellectual property, write a business plan, evaluate its feasibility and raise funds. You will also apply the same knowledge to license a product line to an actual manufacturer, as well as generate a business plan and licensing packet to send out to potential licensees. The course uses weekly visual, verbal and writing exercises to show designers the similarities between business and design.


    Class regularly offered in Summer

  • ACN-298W

    Manufacturing Techniques

    As a manufacturing center, Los Angeles provides a tremendous resource for designers; just about anything you want to create or put into production can be made here. In this seven-week course, you will receive information on how to work with a wide range of materials and industrial processes including glass, wood, metal, plastic and ceramics. Materials, technologies, processes, production, product planning and the business context of manufacturing will be explored. This class also includes information about working with vendors in the United States and outsourcing overseas, lifecycle analysis, recycling and lean manufacturing methods. Design exercises will be given to explore materials and manufacturing processes.


    Class regularly offered in Summer

  • ACN-589W

    Powerful Presentations

    How to tell it so you can sell it. Whether you are a creative or business professional, you must learn to connect effectively with your audience and communicate your ideas in a compelling way. This inspirational workshop will help you hone one of the most critical and often overlooked skills that everyone must possess: the professional presentation. Learn how to take your presentation skills to the next level using words, voice, body language and visuals. Mastering these skills is vital to your professional success whether you are a designer, artist, entrepreneur or business leader.


    Class regularly offered in Fall, Spring and Summer