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  • ACN-574W

    Intro to Letterpress Printing

    Explore the art of letterpress printing in this hands-on workshop. This is a great introduction to setting and printing metal type, where you can take advantage of more than 2,500 drawers of foundry type in the Archetype Press collection. Learn how to use a pica rule, composing stick, leading, spacing, the layout of the California Job Case, mix ink and how to operate a Vandercook proof press. You will set, proof and print multiple copies of a poem or a few lines of text. We will then distribute type and clean up. No prerequisites or previous experience required.


    Class regularly offered in Fall, Spring and Summer

  • ACN-543W

    Type As Image

    This weekend workshop introduces students to letterpress printing by using type as object, character and pattern, as opposed to language and communication. Workshop will include ample talk about the basics of letterpress printing, press fundamentals, typographic concerns, impression and inking control. In the creation of a "one sheet" or broadside, students will choose a thematic jumping off point, creating either a character or another kind of visual story that is not language based. The works by icons Kurt Schwitters, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Bradbury Thompson are among those we will explore for inspiration. Each student will print an edition large enough to share a folio of prints at the end of class.


    Class regularly offered in Spring and Summer