"Safer at Home" Information and Resources

ArtCenter has always offered a full Summer term. We admit, teach and graduate students three times a year and Summer is no different than Spring or Fall. Except this Summer when everything is different. Because it happened to start in the middle of a global pandemic.

The following list has been created to provide information and resources available to our community while we are studying, teaching and working remotely.

How to Connect Online

Zoom — Zoom is being used by ArtCenter as a communications platform for teaching, learning and working while we are away from campus.

Free and Discounted Software — Technology partners and providers have offered a number of free or discounted software programs for use by select members of the ArtCenter community. For a complete list, visit Inside ArtCenter.

Help Desk — The Technology Help Desk is available to help students, faculty and staff connect remotely. Email helpdesk@artcenter.edu with any specific questions.

Campus Access Protocols
Under the state and local “Safer at Home” order, educational institutions are categorized as essential businesses for the purposes of facilitating distance learning and performing critical functions. With this definition, the College has created access protocols for individuals who need to come on campus, which—along with continued adherence to general health and wellness practices—are intended to keep our entire community safe and healthy.

Available Campus Resources
All courses and learning outcomes for Summer 2020 are designed for remote learning, and there is no expectation that students are able to come to campus during the term. For students who are local, however, the following departments are offering pick-up services during the Summer term.

ArtCenter Library
ArtCenter Store
Copy Center
Educational Media Equipment Center
Sewing Lab
The Shops

Ongoing Support
The College offers comprehensive support for students, whether it's help navigating your courses or connecting with peers outside of the classroom, and you can access support remotely. A partial list of campus offices and programs available to assist students, includes:

ArtCenter Library
ArtCenter Student Government
Campus Counseling
Career and Professional Development
Center for Advising and Academic Success
Center for the Student Experience (CSE)
Creativity and Time Management
Economic Response Team
Peer Coaches (Product Design and Transportation Design)
Sewing Lab
Writing Center

Virtual Extracurriculars
Your ArtCenter experience is more than what happens inside the classroom. In true ArtCenter fashion folks across the College have embraced the opportunities available to us in this unique time and have lined up a wide array of extracurricular programs and activities. Check out these resources to learn about some of these opportunities.

Master Calendar — The Master Calendar houses information about lectures, workshops, exhibitions, meetings and more. The current week of the calendar is displayed on the Inside dashboard. You can view the entire calendar by clicking on the "month view".

Inside TV — Inside TV displays on the Inside dashboard, playing a slide show that is a copy of what would be displaying on the campus monitors. You can see the entire playlist by clicking on the Inside TV title or on the Inside TV page.

Social Media — Follow the official College social media accounts @artcenteredu on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Equal Opportunity, Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination
ArtCenter College of Design is committed to maintaining an inclusive community that values diversity and fosters acceptance and mutual respect, and is supportive of students and employees in all of its programs and activities. Part of this commitment is fostering an educational and working environment that is free of sexual misconduct in all of its forms, including sex/gender-based harassment, discrimination and violence. All ArtCenter policies remain unchanged and in effect during this period of remote education. Therefore, any concerns about gender-based inequity at ArtCenter, should be directed to the director of Title IX Compliance and Programs. Any concerns of discrimination, harassment or retaliation that involve an employee (faculty or staff) should be directed to Human Resources. Any concerns of discrimination, harassment or retaliation between students should be directed to the CSE.

Inside ArtCenter

More information about the items listed above is available on Inside ArtCenter. Not sure where to begin? You can find information on Inside ArtCenter in a number of ways.

Search — If you know what you are looking for, you can use the search function. There is a search box on the home dashboard under your name and student ID number. You can also search from any page by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Smart Links — The dashboard also has a section called “smart links” which you can find on the right hand column, under the Week number block (on a phone, the blocks will come at the end of the other content). Smart links are automatically generated from the pages you visit the most often.

Quick Links — We also have a series of quick links on the dashboard that are links to pages that are some of the most frequently visited on Inside ArtCenter.

Menu Navigation — You can also find information by using the menus at the top of the page, where information is grouped into Account information (paying your tuition, submitting time sheets for student workers, etc.), Academics (registering for classes, degree audit, academic support), Student Services and Resources and Campus Information.