Due to your involvement, and working collaboratively with our administrators, numerous changes have been made, programs initiated, and new channels for input created.

A Track Record of Our Collaboration and Success

Over the past several years, ArtCenter faculty have played an integral role in making our College better. Due to your involvement, and working collaboratively with our administrators, numerous changes have been made, programs initiated and new channels for input created. Collectively, these changes have strengthened our College community, culture and student learning.

ArtCenter administration—current and future—is deeply committed to ensuring our faculty continue to have a voice in how our College operates and a role in designing, implementing and leading change.

Some of the actions taken over the past several years resulting from faculty input include:

A Voice for Change

  • Creating the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs position, which provides faculty a dedicated advocate within the College administration.
  • Renewing and accelerating our commitment to equity and justice through specific DEI initiatives addressing all aspects of our work and learning environment.
  • Providing faculty with the opportunity to review their Department Chairs and contribute to the Provost’s review of Chairs.
  • Creating a new shared-governance model (the Shared Governance Senate). This initiative was proposed by faculty and embraced by the ArtCenter administration, which ensured that its design is entirely faculty-led.


  • Ensuring parity through alignment pay grids for full- and part-time faculty.
  • Enhancing transparency by aligning academic rank with pay grids, providing faculty with visibility to their pay potential.
  • After a 10-year hiatus, implementing a three-year performance review cycle with potential for merit pay increases.
  • Following a pandemic-related moratorium on faculty merit increases during the 2021 academic year, the administration reorganized the budget to double funding available for merit increases – from $450,000 to more than $900,000 – meeting nearly all of the $1.1 million in increases requested.

Job Security

  • Adopting new faculty contract models, including the removal of the “at-will” clause for full-time faculty, which was requested by ArtCenter faculty and negotiated with the Faculty Council.
  • Ensuring part-time faculty received the pay advantage they would have from a fee-per-course compensation model.

Course Assignment Transparency and Certainty

  • Working with academic departments, we have improved curricular planning on an annual basis to help part-time faculty have an expectation of what they may teach.

Professional Support

  • Implementing a new learning management system; a pilot is getting underway and the full transition from DotEd to Canvas will occur this fall.
  • Creating the Office of Faculty Development to support professional teaching development.