students sitting on lawn at Hillside Campus

Returning to Campus

We are delighted to welcome students back to campus beginning in Fall 2021. We realize that the continued pandemic may cause delays in students' arrival or their ability to return to campus at all. With that in mind, we have developed different methods of curriculum delivery, allowing students to choose based on their individual needs.

Remote Classes

  • Remote/Online classes will be taught entirely online and enrolled students can be located anywhere in the world to take these classes. Students must have a reliable internet connection and computer to successfully participate. Local students may use campus facilities. Online courses will continue using Zoom, DotED and other virtual technologies. Students in any location can register for a course that is Remote/Online. The scheduling code for these classes is ONLNE.
  • HyFlex classes will offer both online and in-person instruction every class session. Students will attend in-person with an instructor in a designated classroom or remotely through Zoom from anywhere in the world. Students who choose to participate remotely must have a reliable internet connection and computer to successfully participate. HyFlex courses will have a DotED section for the syllabus and all supporting materials for all students. Students can register for HyFlex courses if they are planning on attending in-person or remotely. The scheduling code for these classes is HYFLX.

On Campus Classes
Students living in the Greater Los Angeles area can enroll in Online and/or HyFlex courses (described above) as well as Hybrid and In-Person classes. If students are enrolled in a HyFlex course, they can attend in-person or remotely.

  • Hybrid classes will have a schedule that sometimes meets online and sometimes meets in person on campus. Hybrid courses are a combination of fully online, synchronous class sessions and in-person class sessions. For example: Class for Week 1 and 2 will be online, but Week 3 will be in-person. Each hybrid class will have a unique schedule tailored to the needs of that class. Hybrid courses will have a DotED section for the syllabus and all supporting materials. Students need to be able to attend in-person on specified days in order to register for a Hybrid course.The scheduling code for these classes is HYBRD.
  • In-Person classes are held entirely in-person at an ArtCenter campus or approved, off campus location. The scheduling codes for these classes is HILL for classes being held at Hillside Campus, SOUTH for classes being held at South Campus, and OFFP for in-person classes held off-premises.

Planning for changes in curriculum delivery
Due to uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, it may be necessary for some in-person or hybrid classes to switch to a HyFlex or completely online model. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the needs of the students enrolled and guidance from public health agencies.

Late Arrivals
We understand that some students may encounter travel or visa delays that preclude them from arriving in time for the start of the Fall term. Additionally, ArtCenter requires a quarantine period for any person who has traveled outside the Pasadena area before coming on campus and we are requiring anyone coming on campus to be fully vaccinated, which means a period of 14 days have passed since your last vaccination shot. Students who know or believe that they will not be able to meet all necessary deadlines to attend the first meetings of in-person classes should check with the department office before enrolling in the course. Some in-person classes will be able to accommodate late arrivals by offering limited HyFlex or hybrid options.

In addition to courses being offered this Fall, our international Community Hubs will continue to provide select opportunities for students to connect and share in the ArtCenter experience.