Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Be passionate about what you do. Be thorough and thoughtful doing it. Be a leader. Make something. Make a difference. These are core ArtCenter values that we hope you embrace both while you are here and when you leave, having become educated, skilled, informed and compassionate citizens of the world.

Please familiarize yourself with the information in this Catalog and the Student Handbook. Keep a copy of the Academic Catalog for the academic year you enter ArtCenter—this establishes requirements you must satisfy to obtain a degree. In certain special circumstances, degree requirements can be modified by mutual agreement.

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Key Policies and Disclosures

Important information about the College and your education.

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Academic Calendar

Important dates throughout the year.

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Tuition and Fees

Understanding the cost of an ArtCenter education.

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Financial Aid

Helping students afford an ArtCenter education.

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Degree Requirements

Successfully completing your degree.

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Academic Policies

Detailed expectations inside and outside the classroom.

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Course of Study by Program

Outlining required and elective courses.

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Course Descriptions

Summarizing your learning opportunities at ArtCenter.