2019 Summer Institute for Teachers


“I struggled this summer with my choice to become a teacher and was thinking of different professions I could pursue but this Summer Institute has inspired me and has allowed me to re-see a vision for education…DBL has made teaching “cool” for me.”

– 2015 Summer Institute for Teachers Participant

“DBL is a perfect way to provide meaningful opportunities for students to succeed in Common Core after they “think” in common Core; the shift must be made and DBL makes the shift really possible.”

– 2015 Summer Institute for Teachers Participant

“Thank you for this experience. I’ve learned so much about myself and my teaching style and how it affects how I approach my students and curriculum. Being a part of this program has freed me from preconceived ideas, habits and attitudes. I’m looking forward to implementing what I’ve done in this course.”

– 2015 Summer Institute for Teachers Participant

“This is such a powerful way to teach. It provides deep meaning and learning for students and developing this prior knowledge provides the context to hook in subsequent learning activities.”

– Dr. Mary Mason, Principal, Mark Keppel ES, Glendale USD

“I had reached a place in my career where traditional teaching methods had produced few outcomes, boredom for myself and students. I have been on a personal search for a meaningful method that would include all children at all levels with a noticeable result.”

– Sherri La Com, Teacher, Grade 4, Mark Keppel ES, Glendale USD

“These five days have opened my eyes to a new way of teaching. This has been the best training I have ever attended. Not knowing what to expect frustrated me at the beginning because I wanted to know what in the world DBL was. I didn’t want the experience. I just wanted to be told. However, by going through this process in a methodical way, through projects and discovery, I learned more. Thank you for the experience for a new perspective, for a new teaching tool.”

– Christian Aguilar (Teacher, Science, Grades 7-9, Ambassador School of Global Leadership, LAUSD)

“… it (Design-Based Learning) will close achievement gaps and increase lifelong learning. I believe this would be the platform to truly reform and produce an educational system that meets the needs of all students. It truly taps into all learning modalities that help students access the core curriculum.”

– Dai Shalon Jordan (Teacher, Grades 4-5, Braddock Drive ES, LAUSD)

“The pressure on public school teachers to demonstrate that their students have achieved identified competencies has taken some of the life and creativity out of teaching. DBL brings them back without compromising anything.”

– Sara Rodrigues (Teacher, English, Grade 10, Polytechnic HS, LAUSD)